• Support for care leavers
  • Support for care experienced students

    As a care experienced student you may be entitled to extra support such as a bursary, guaranteed accommodation, a named contact as well as help and advice from student support. Please see below for more detailed information.

    Contextual offer

    At Oxford Brookes, we want to ensure that all students with the potential to succeed have equality of access. If you have lived in local authority care you will be eligible for our contextual offer which is a grade reduction of up to three grades below the standard entry requirements. Please see our contextual admissions page for more details.

  • Transition from Care Bursary 2021-22

    If you are eligible for a HE Maintenance Grant from the Student Loan Company and have been in care since the age of 14, then you may be eligible for the Transition from Care Bursary of up to £2,000 a year.

    There are a number of other bursaries and scholarships that care experienced students can access depending on personal circumstances, including the new mature and enhanced Brookes Bursary.

    More about our bursaries »

    Guaranteed accommodation

    All care experienced students are entitled to guaranteed accommodation in our halls of residence for 52 weeks as long as you meet the criteria, including application deadlines. We will endeavour to support those students who enter via clearing but cannot guarantee availability.

    We will help you to choose the most appropriate accommodation for your needs, including length of contract and early access to accommodation if required. We will also support you to move halls at the end of your contract, this will be for a minimum of 2 weeks (depending on contract length) for essential cleaning and maintenance.

    Halls managed by the University do not require a deposit but partner accommodation requires a £250 damage deposit, eg Cheney Student Village and Parade Green. We will provide additional funds for those in receipt of the Bursary to pay the deposit where required. 

    In addition, for those eligible for the Transition from Care Bursary, we will also: 

    • provide free bedding and kitchen packs. 
    • establish your transport needs and provide funding to pay for appropriate transport on moving day, for those without alternatives.

    More about halls of residence and other accommodation »

    Transition and induction

    We will provide a named contact for all care experienced students from the point of offer and will be available for advice until graduation. They will contact all offer holders who declare themselves as care experienced to: 

    • offer transition e-mentoring with current students 
    • discuss any support requirements 
    • verify eligibility for the Transition from Care Bursary 
    • arrange to meet and greet you on arrival to help you find your accommodation and to signpost you to any other services that may be helpful. 
    • arrange for a current student to help you move in if necessary.
    • check you are settling in during induction 

    Student support

    There is an excellent support system available to students that have been in care and your named contact will continue to support you throughout your studies.

    The Centre for Academic Development will provide a ‘study strategy meeting' for all care experienced students to help them plan for the demands of Semester 1. During this meeting, they would agree when they would meet you again, in line with your level of need and course demands.

    More information on support can be found at:

    Career support

    We will guarantee an interview for a paid Student Ambassador role and offer a 30-minute practice interview with a Careers Consultant. 

    All care experienced students will receive personalised contact from the named Careers Consultant to highlight central careers provision as well as offering ongoing support throughout your student journey, including bespoke sessions. 

    For all those in receipt of the Transition from Care Bursary, the named Careers Consultant will also provide specific welcome appointments during Semester 1. 

    We will also prioritise employment and placement opportunities for care experienced students. 

    Graduation pack

    Those in receipt of the Bursary will receive a free graduation pack which includes free guest tickets, a free gown and a free stage photo plus a mount.

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