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  • A person who has graduated (completed a course and gained a qualification) from a particular university.
    Tailored visit days for students who have already applied to understand in more depth what studying at Oxford Brookes will be like.
    An undergraduate honours degree awarded for a course in an arts-related subject, such as art and design, humanities, education, social studies and languages.
    An undergraduate honours degree awarded for courses in engineering.
    An undergraduate honours degree awarded for a course in a science-related subject, such as mathematics, science, nursing and health-related courses.
    If a student doesn’t get the grades they need on results day in August, they can enter Clearing - when universities publish online any unfilled places on their courses.
    Two subjects are studied.
    ‘Deferring’ means applying for a course and then taking a year out before coming to university. Students can apply for deferred entry by ticking the deferred entry box on their UCAS form. If your child decides to defer after results day, they should contact the university to ensure this is possible.
    A person who has completed and passed his or her degree and been awarded their qualification.
    An honours degree awarded for an undergraduate law degree.
    These days give prospective students the opportunity to get a taste of a university, see the campus and student halls, meet students, and attend subject talks.
    Completed as part of the UCAS application. It gives prospective students the opportunity to set out why they are interested in a particular course and what they can bring to it.
    A university teaching term. Most universities have semesters which run from September to January and February to June, with examinations at the end of each semester.
    One subject is studied.
    Loans are available from the Student Loans Company to help students pay their living and study expenses while they are at university.
    The organisation responsible for processing applications to UK universities for undergraduate courses.
    If your child receives no offers, they can still apply to university through this process. It allows students to search for universities with available places and make one additional choice at a time. It runs from February until early July.
    An online system developed by UCAS that allows your child to check the progress of their application.
    A degree or higher qualification studied at university following school or college.
    The teaching costs of a degree that are initially loaned by the government, and are then paid pack by a graduate after they have completed their course.