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  • Access Day 12 September 2017

    Oxford Brookes University has developed strong links to the colleges in the region, and values the students on Access Courses as an important part of our student body. Every year, Brookes runs a day of bespoke activities aimed at supporting Access students who are applying to university. This includes:

    • Talks on Student Finance, Student Support, Applications and Student Life
    • A tour of the campus with one of our current students
    • Workshops delivered by our academics on the subject you might apply for.

    Please sign up using the form below. We look forward to welcoming you to the university and to helping you discover more about your future.

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  • “This being one of the very best decisions of my life. Unlike many I returned not because there was little alternative but because there was so much more opportunities to explore. I achieved an Access Diploma in Social Work, having to learn how to learn was very stressful. Then I received the most fantastic reward a place at Oxford Brookes, a dream that became reality. I now in September will be entering my dissertation year. My subjects are International Relations and Sociology and their responses to the global issues of women’s and children’s human rights. As Access students, we often have other stuff to deal with such as children, having to work, and having a home life and a partner. My advice:  YOU can do this, you can achieve a successful degree and you can live your dreams. Now it is all down to you. I wish you all the very best."
    "Following my enjoyment of the Politics course at college, I decided to combine this subject in my degree and now realise that it is even possible to become involved the process of legislative change along with looking for more sustainable ways of using our resources and managing our environment. 

    The opportunity to study at one of the best centres for Geography anywhere in the UK is immensely exciting.  Having visited the campus and talking at length to the lecturers, I now realise that my engineering background is relevant to some of the modules. I laid my biggest fears to rest, as having been out of education for nearly 30 years, I was worried. 
    The sheer variety of topics, coupled with the opportunity to travel and draw on the resources of such a skilled team at Oxford Brookes means that not only I am confident I have made the right choice, but there is also a whole world of opportunities open to me that I never knew existed. 

    My experience at City of Oxford College has been amazing; without doubt, choosing to study there was the best possible choice I could have made. The course has been structured really well for the Access students with a broad range of thought-provoking topics. A reasonably gentle start gave us time to adjust to college life (well needed after a 30-year absence) and the support from the tutors has been superb. 
    Within a short space of time everyone on my course forged friendships that will last a lifetime and I feel the peer support has been pivotal in my success on the course.  We are now a close knit group and that support will be there for everyone as they continue on to  university. Along with the support from the tutors, Student Services have been tremendous and have offered help and advice in any way they can. 
    I simply cannot speak highly enough of the college, and thank them profusely for all they have done to help me realise a dream."