• Our subject workshops are designed with the support of our academics and facilitated by our outreach staff and students. For each subject, we will deliver two consecutive workshops. We bring all the resources and staff to you, all we need is a room to present the workshop.

    Workshops can be arranged flexibly to fit into your schedule: We can support your existing enrichment programme by teaching multiple subject workshops as part of a carousel of activities, or teach individual workshops for a class or tutor group.

    Group size and eligibility

    Ideally, we would like to work with groups of between 10-30 students. The majority of the group should fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

    • Live in an area with low participation in HE (we can find this out for you)
    • Be from black or ethnic minority background
    • Have a history of receiving free school meals

    Do get in touch if you have any questions about bookings, workshops timings or content.

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    Real Estate ManagementReal Estate Management

    Property is an ever-growing business and these sessions will equip students with valuable expertise in finance and investment, property development, law and planning. Your students will take on the roles of spatial planners and property investors and compete to add the most value to a property.

    Events ManagementEvents Management

    This degree enables students to design and deliver successful events in a variety of contexts ranging from sporting events and festivals to conferences and product launches. The two workshops will see students examine the components behind successful events management and provide them with an insight into potential careers.

    Fine ArtFine Art

    Being able to talk about art is vital for university applications, so your students will analyse everyday objects and produce fake art gallery labels. Working from an artistic brief, they will create their own artworks from recycled materials and will practise discussing them in a mock university interview.

    International Hospitatlity ManagementInternational Hospitality Management

    Worth £57 billion to the UK in 2014, the hospitality industry includes global hotel chains and fast food giants that provide accommodation, food and drink outside of the home. Students will improve their understanding of the subject by exploring interactive case studies, investigating the evolution of global tourism and where the degree can take them.


    Analysing the romcom Bridget Jones, your students will discover the academic approach to film music and learn about music theory and cultural context. They’ll also look into opera conventions and design their own opera character. Students don’t need to be studying Music at level 3 to take part in these workshops.

    Motorsport and Mechanical EngineeringMotorsport and Mechanical Engineering

    Engineers use their mathematical and analytical skills to solve problems creatively. Your students will design and test basic race cars, exploring friction, acceleration and materials. These workshops will support your STEM agenda and give pupils an insight into being a sought-after engineer.


    Covering both Human and Physical Geography, these workshops explore contemporary issues such as how we interact with maps. We will explore the biases and projections that have historically existed in maps. We will also look to the future and question how mobiles phones and GPS tracking will change our relationship with maps.

    Business and ManagementBusiness and Management

    In workshop one, students will simulate international trade in the classroom and explore the economic and political environments global businesses have to navigate. Workshop two hones in on the micro level, exploring ideas generation and entrepreneurship.

    Business and Marketing ManagementBusiness and Marketing Management

    Using case studies from industry, the first workshop investigates the business and marketing successes behind Snapchat. Workshop two examines the marketing techniques and strategies behind the multibillion pound smartphone market.


    The Healthcare workshops introduce students to a variety of undergraduate courses in healthcare, discussing professional roles, NHS values and myth-busting misconceptions. Participants will engage with a carousel of practical activities, developing clinical skills and practicing group interview tasks. If desired, workshops can focus specifically on one of Brookes’ top healthcare courses, including: Children’s Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Physiotherapy

    Sport and Exercise Science and Sport, Coaching and Physical EducationSport and Exercise Science and Sport, Coaching and Physical Education

    For a happier, healthier society, there is an increasing need for professionals trained in interpreting the health consequences of our current lifestyles, as well as the performance-focused requirements of athletes. In these interactive workshops, students will conduct practical experiments and consider the real-life implications of their findings for health and performance.

    Education / TeachingEducation / Teaching

    Education Studies takes a broad view of education and these workshops aim to question assumptions about education and explore different approaches that schools have taken to tackle discipline. By placing education in a social context, we look at controversial areas of education such as Ofsted, grammar schools, the curriculum and the role of technology in the classroom.

    English LiteratureEnglish Literature

    This session investigates dystopia and utopia as literacy themes. Building on George Orwell’s 1984 we will reflect on modern interpretations of these themes and question whether we are living in a modern day dystopia. Students will think critically to explore increasing interest in dystopia in recent times.

    Animal Biology and ConsevationAnimal Biology and Conservation

    This practical course explores the genetic, evolutionary and behavioural development of a wide range of species from invertebrates to primates. Workshop participants will conduct experiments exploring the natural environment in their school or college, and consider the ecological impact of their interactions in the wider world.


    These workshops will take you through the events that have shaped the modern world today. Did fascism end in 1945? What do serial killers tell us about modern society? How can beards reflect the state of a nation? As you explore History with us you will gain a greater appreciation of how legal, political and social change comes to pass.