Magna Carta Project

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  • 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, widely considered to be the most important document in British history. During this year we were very proud to be an official part of national events celebrating the Magna Carta, in partnership with the Magna Carta 800th Committee.

    To this end we offered a range of events and activities to schools and colleges in Oxfordshire and beyond to engage young people with this historic document and the issues it still represents today, such as rights, liberties and freedom.

  • Throughout 2015 we ran a special blog aimed at engaging young people with the Magna Carta. This was targeted directly at young people and included information on the events and resources mentioned below, as well as regular links to further information about the Magna Carta.

    The blog can be found here.

    This was a challenge to young people to create a physical response to the Magna Carta in relation to the world they live in today. What is missing? What should a modern charter include?

    The best of these exhibits was displayed in a city-wide exhibition, A Modern Magna Carta, in Oxford Brookes University’s Glass Tank Gallery from June 22 - July 24 2015. The exhibition then moved to the Museum of Oxford and was displayed there from July 29 - August 19 2015.

    This was a unique one-day event which was hosted at Oxford Brookes University on Thursday 18 June 2015.

    The event was cross-disciplinary in its approach and featured staff and students from across the University delivering workshops inspired by the Magna Carta, as well as a keynote speech from a special guest speaker. This year we were proud to welcome historian, poet and rapper Akala to the event, who delivered an exceptional address to the audience on the importance and historical relevance of the Magna Carta. 

    Academics at the University have written and produced a Magna Carta Resource Pack, consisting of a workbook and accompanying worksheets, to assist primary and secondary school teachers in delivering lessons on the Magna Carta. 

    Hard copies of this resource pack have been sent to all state primary and secondary schools in Oxfordshire. PDFs are also available for all to download here:

    Magna Carta Workbook - Background to the Magna Carta with short introductory activities.

    Magna Carta Worksheets - Case studies relating the Magna Carta to specific contemporary issues.