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  • University time capsule

    The University Time Capsule is an initiative for year 5 primary school children. Through interactive activities, the event helps to introduce the concept of higher education and emphasise the idea that everyone has the potential to achieve.

    The day's activities include:

    • Using a university map illustration to teach pupils about university life
    • Creating a poster to market a society of their choice
    • A fun campus tour
    • Working in teams to win points throughout the day
    • A celebration of their achievements at the end of the day

    Each pupil at the end of the visit is presented with a certificate and time capsule. A 'Time Capsule Card' is placed in their capsule, showing what they might want to study at university and do as a career in the future.

    Their parents are also invited to attend the event. Summing up the day, one parent described it as "such a huge encouragement for the pupils, they were so proud of themselves".

    Your school will be contacted if it is eligible to take part in this event. If it is not, you are still welcome to arrange a visit to the campus and to take part in many of our other activities.



    Here are a selection of quotes from children who have taken part in the day:

    I have already started to put things in my time capsule. I have hidden it in a safe place; I will look at it in the future and remember the wonderful time at Oxford Brookes University.


    I was proud and ecstatic to wear a cap and gown, it was a good day


    I enjoyed making the posters but the best part was the epic quiz. The whole thing was so fun. So, thank you


    I can’t wait till I’m 18 years old because I want to go to university. It is very beautiful. I think university is a great place to go.


    I had a mind-blowing day at Oxford Brookes University… I was very inspired and hope to go to university. We had loads of fun when we went on the magnificent tour… It was the best day ever. I loved it all.


    I have learned so much about what university is like.