• Core subject mentoring
  • Core subject mentoring

    Event type
    Next date
    From mid October until May
    Year 10 & 11
    During class planned session or after school (½ -1 hour)
    In school
    Group size
    Small groups or one-to-one
    OFSTED criteria
    Outcomes for students as pre-revision workshops
    Oxford Brookes students mentor year 11 pupils in local schools, helping to improve the pupils’ attainment level in Science, Maths and English, especially for those around the 3-4 GCSE borderline.
  • Who the event is for

    Year 10 & 11 pupils (pre GCSE would be useful as many do elements of GCSE before year 11) students who are on the borderline for grade 3 and need a push to gain 4 in Maths and English. The programme is open to schools close to Oxford Brookes University.

    About the event

    Undergraduates students from Oxford Brookes support students with core subject by working either in small group or 1:1. The mentoring programme is designed in close operation with the subject teachers.

    Aims include:

    • To improve students’ attainment in Science, Maths and English

    • To increase students’ confidence at school

    • To develop students’ study skills and capacity for academic attainment

    • To develop students’ knowledge and awareness of the benefits of higher education

    • To raise the aspirations of students in the local community.

  • Quote from a core subject mentor…

    Working as a tutor has allowed me to gain practical teaching and mentoring experience, whilst feeling that I am giving something back to the community. Tutoring young people has allowed me to see first hand the improvement in the student's confidence levels as they prepare for their GCSE and A Level exams. The transition from school or college to University is not always an easy one, so it has been rewarding to put student's minds at rest by answering any questions that they have on Uni Life! Furthermore, the support from the Recruitment and Partnerships team has been incredible and they have made me feel like a welcome addition to their team!