• Transition mentoring
  • Transition Mentoring

    Event type
    E-Mentoring (Online mentoring). 1:1 supportive, non-judgemental relationship, with an experienced person giving time during a transitional phase
    Next date
    April 2019 until January 2020
    Year 13s, second year college and students who have student an Access course to HE, who have put Oxford Brookes University as their firm choice and been made an offer to study at Oxford Brookes, and who come from a Widening Participation background.
    Mentors and mentees can drip in and out alongside their studies.
    Anywhere, even a international mentor can still mentor a mentee from across the world.
    Group size
    Each mentor can have 10 mentees.
    OFSTED criteria
    Outcomes for pupils by the effectiveness of the 16-19 programmes. High quality and impartial careers guidance ensures that learners follow study programmes that build on their prior attainment and enable them to develop clear, ambitious and realistic plans for their future. Learners understand the options available and are informed about local and national skills needs.
    The programme puts young people in touch with mentors who can help them with their education and career options.
  • Who the event is for

    Year 13s, second year colleges students and studys who have study an Access course to HE, who have  and been made an offer to study with us, who have chosen Oxford Brookes as their first choice University, and who come from a Widening Participation background. Widening Participation(WP) to higher education is a strategic priority for the UK and Scottish governments, the higher education sector in general and Oxford Brookes university in particular.

    WP aims to address the discrepancies in the take-up of higher education opportunities between different social groups.

    We therefore work to raise aspirations and educational attainment among prospective students from underrepresented groups, to:

    • prepare them for higher education

    • ensure success on their programme of study

    • improve their employment prospects

    • open possibilities for postgraduate study

    • give them opportunities to return to learning throughout their lives

    About the event

    As well as E-mentoring support, the secure platform allows students to hear first-hand experiences of communications with current students who are living the students life, also  

    the website provides loads of fun and fascinating resources about university, careers, money and much more. This scheme aims to support potential students arriving in the 2018/19 academic year will be offered peer mentoring support by an enthusiastic current, undergraduates, starting from the end of semester two, April- May 2018.

    Using an online mentoring portal, the undergraduates will communicate with a student as they prepare to join Brookes. This may involve providing support during the stressful exam period, giving advice on how to manage results day and providing practical guidance on what they should bring to university.

    Once the student gets to Oxford Brookes, mentors would welcome them to the University and continue to answer any questions they have about being a Brookes student, communicating with them regularly until Christmas 2019.

    Participants can ask questions about courses, general student life questions, helping them to feel prepared for their next steps into Higher Education.

    Mentees are match to a students who is taking the course they are applying for or something that is very similar.