• Benefits of Higher Education and routes into specific subjects
  • Benefits of Higher Education and routes into specific subjects

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    Year 10 and 11 students
    30 minutes
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    Engaging talks on the benefits of Higher Education and the training routes, career pathways and skills and attributes gained through studying specific subject areas.
  • Who the event is for

    Students in year 10 and 11 who either haven’t considered University as an option or are unsure if it is for them.

    About the event

    Our team can provide a series of talks and workshops on the benefits of Higher Education and the routes into specific subjects, covering:

    • An understanding of the skills, attributes and benefits gained
    • The different training routes and career pathways for each subject as well as opportunities available while studying.
    • First hand experiences from a subject-specific Student Ambassador.
    • Information, advice and guidance will also be given to students on what they need to study at level 3 to help them make informed decisions on their next step.

    Subject specific talks

    Why Business?

    Why study a Creative Arts degree?

    Why Humanities?

    Routes into a specific profession

    Careers in the Built Environment

    Routes into Engineering

    Routes into Music: University or Conservatoire?

    Routes into Teaching

    Aims include:

    • To improve students’ attainment in level 2 subjects
    • To increase students’ confidence at school
    • To develop students’ understanding of different routes available to study at Higher Education level and the career pathways they could embark on after graduation
    • To develop students’ knowledge and awareness of the benefits of higher education
    • To raise the aspirations of students in the local community.

    Links to Ofsted criteria

    Outcomes for students through raising student attainment and motivation in level 2 subjects and an awareness to the options beyond GCSEs and A-levels.