• Decision workshops
  • GCSE decisions workshop

    Event type
    One off session
    Next date
    January 2019
    Year 8 / 9
    1 or 2 hour workshop 
    Your school
    Group size
    Maximum of 40 per session
    OFSTED criteria
    Personal development
    We'll help students to understand the importance of making the appropriate GCSE options for them. 
  • Who the event is for

    Year 8 and 9 students who are coming up to making their GCSE choices.

    About the event

    In this informative and interactive session we will help your students to decide on their options for GCSE.  We will encourage students to think about who they are as a person. We will also discuss how to plan for their future career and how GCSE choices could impact the future. Students will then use this information to plan their own path to their ideal career.