• Resilience and learning techniques
  • Resilience and learning techniques

    Event type
    Next date
    All year
    Year 10 and 11 students
    3 x 1 hour sessions
    In your school or college
    Group size
    Maximum 30 students
    Three sessions designed to develop the skills needed for independent learning, building on students confidence and increasing resilience.
  • Who the event is for

    Year 10 and 11 students who are lacking in confidence, motivation and tend to have a negative attitude giving up on tasks quickly.

    About the event

    Providing students with the skills and techniques to be able to develop their own learning, this workshop builds up students confidence and resilience to take on new challenges, which will aid them in their GCSE journey, A-levels and beyond. We use metacognition to support students in different ways of engaging in learning.

    Aims include:

    • To improve students’ study and independent learning skills
    • To increase students’ confidence at school
    • To increase students resilience at school and during exam periods
    • To develop a growth mindset
    • To raise the aspirations of students in the local community.

    Links to Ofsted criteria

    Outcomes for students through developing key skills including resilience and confidence.