• Personal pathways
  • Personal pathways

    Event type
    Two workshops
    Next date
    First session in January with a follow up in July
    Year 6
    Two separate 1.5 hour workshops
    Your school               
    Group size
    Up to 40 per workshop
    OFSTED criteria
    Personal development
    These workshops get pupils to start thinking about the key skills they’ll need for secondary school. It also gives an introduction to university.
  • Who the event is for

    These workshops are for year 6 primary students. 

    About the event

    Our staff and student ambassadors deliver two exciting and interactive workshops at your school. Both workshops focus on the transition into secondary school, as well as planning pathways to the future. 

    The first workshop university (or runs as a follow up if pupils attended a University Time Capsule day in Year 5). The second workshop focuses on the skills and qualities needed to be successful. 

  • Quotes from previous attendees…

    I liked the exciting and fun activities

    Year 6 pupil