Aliysa Codrington

Intensive athletics programme at a local school, supported by the Brookes Alumni Fund

Aliysa Codrington

Aliysa talks animatedly about the impact athletics coaching can have on school children, and her desire to make it available without cost being a barrier. Thanks to funding from the Brookes Alumni Fund, she will be running a free intensive athletics workshop over two days for pupils at a local school. 

Through her studies and her previous experience she has observed that there can be sections of society who do not tend to take part in athletics, in no small part due to the costs involved. This means that their athletics talent remains  undiscovered, to the loss of both the individual and the country’s athletics programme. 

After graduating she has a vision to develop a programme working in and with schools to engage with children and young people in identifying and growing athletic talent.  

This project is, therefore, an opportunity to help the children taking part this year, but is also a great chance for Aliysa to develop her own skills and experience in this area for the future. In addition the school will benefit from having experienced, sport specific athletes coming in and adding to their sport programme.

Aliysa, together with her athletics peers, will treat the children as semi-professional athletes through providing high-class, inspirational coaching. They aim to encourage the pupils’ confidence, build their skills, provide role models, give insight into the work ethic of athletes, and to identify and release their talent.

“I am so thankful for this opportunity, and the chance to build experience in the type of coaching model I aim to develop.  After Brookes I particularly hope to engage grassroots athletes from schools, especially those otherwise isolated by socioeconomic factors, and to build on the legacy of the London Olympics.”

Over the past few years almost 40 student-run projects have been brought to life in the local and university community.  The students bring the enthusiasm and hard work, and the Brookes Alumni Fund provides the resources needed to bring their projects to life.

Through your support more students will discover the difference they can make to others by getting involved.