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"The most amazing children you could meet" enjoy sessions on the Brookes Climbing Wall. group of students from Brookes ran hugely popular sessions on the Brookes climbing wall for pupils from a local school, many with special educational needs. Funding was provided by the Student Community Fund, following an application from an enthusiastic group of students headed by Ben Wilkins. Everyone has loved the sessions, and the students themselves were just as excited about them as the children!


In the words of the Brookes Climbing Club “We have been running sessions for the most amazing children you could meet! They have a wide mixture of abilities and backgrounds and get a great deal from our sessions, from confidence building to communication skills, and of course, climbing skills!

"The children who have benefited from this project range from those with very small barriers to learning to those with very complex emotional and physical needs. We have been able to build in them some of the simple ethics of climbing such as pushing yourself beyond what you think you can achieve, working as a team, never giving up and the trust and encouragement of others.”


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[Ben Wilkins (left) with Brookes Climbing Wall Instructor, John Snelling]

The climbing has also helped the children in some unexpected ways. Tim Edwards-Grundy, the Assistant Head teacher, tells of one boy has a condition meaning he cannot grip well, which affects his handwriting. As a result of the climbing sessions both his grip and his handwriting have improved.

Tim enthused, "This opportunity has built so much confidence and determination in the children that they just would not have received from our standard interventions. It has been a joy to see them light up every Friday afternoon as we climb into the minibus. Thank you so much to all those who have made the project possible."

Several of the children have been bitten by the climbing bug and have gone on to further lessons. In their own words …

"I love climbing because, I don't know, it's great you get to do the tower or the bouldering and push yourself into new things."

"It's scary but exciting, I love it."

"It's great, we learn to go and learn to try really hard"

Out of 10 how many would you give it? "100 out of 10! No! 1 million out of 10!"

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