Tilly Wensley

Breakfast club at a homeless hostel, supported by the Brookes Alumni Fund

Tilly Wensley

Tilly, a Psychology undergraduate, was working part time at a local homeless hostel facing closure. She wanted to do something positive for the residents.

Her project was to set up a Breakfast Club. Residents helped to run the breakfasts, so learning skills and taking pride in the project, and providing them with more chance of being successful when they moved on. And the food was sourced from a local social enterprise company which uses foods rejected from supermarkets, but still in date, and which also gives opportunities to train people struggling to find jobs.

This is just one example of a project inspired and driven by the care and energy of our students, who are ready to invest their time and effort to help other people, but need financial resources to make their projects a reality. 

“The Breakfast Club ensured that residents had some positivity in a stressful time. Teaching them skills, ensuring nutritional intake, and building better relationships are just some of the positive actions the support has brought. Thank you!”