Ben Stockwell

MSc in Conservation Ecology, Brookes Alumni Fund Scholar

Ben Stockwell

“The Brookes Alumni Fund is a fantastic initiative that has benefited me hugely.  The alumni who have donated have certainly made a big impact on my life.”

Ben has a real desire to work in the conservation sector and this course is giving him the skills and experience he will need.  He is doing research related to a local initiative which has introduced pig farming to woodland, to maximise the potential for managing the woodland as well as making it productive in farming.  He has a real interest in sustainable ecological farming - meeting the needs of both farming and conservation.

The funding has enabled Ben to take up his course, and has meant he has been able to spend less time in paid work, so is more able to concentrate on his research.  

Postgraduate students will go on to be those who we rely on to make advances and solve problems in the world, yet funding for postgraduate study is particularly hard to find.  

With your help, gifted and passionate people will be given the opportunity to study, which they might otherwise struggle to afford.