Mona Hashim

MSc Medical Genetics and Genomics, Brookes Alumni Fund scholar

Mona Hashim

Through the Brookes Alumni Fund, Mona received a scholarship which allowed her to pursue her dream of studying a master’s in Medical Genetics and Genomics. Raising a family as a single parent after her undergraduate degree meant Mona struggled to come up with the finances which would allow her to study but she has been determined to set an example for her children and show them that dreams can be achieved.

Mona has been interested in genetics since high school and is fascinated by the study of healthy genes and how this can be used to identify and predict medical conditions before disease develops.

She has recently travelled to Sudan to work on a placement in a leukaemia hospital. Seeing human suffering first-hand has only encouraged her to continue with her studies. After completing her master’s, Mona hopes to study a PhD in cancer genetics. 

Your donations have helped Mona on her way to truly making a difference.

“To sum up the Brookes Alumni Fund in one word, it is miraculous. It helps to alter the individual’s life forever for the better. I am so grateful to those who have contributed to the positive effect this fund has brought to my life, so A BIG THANK YOU.”