Patience Mbozi

MSc Palliative Care and recipient of Brookes Alumni Fund Scholarship 2013-14

Patience Mbozi, MSc Palliative Care and recipient of Brookes Alumni Fund Scholarship 2013-14

 Patience studied the MSc part-time by distance learning so she was able to continue working as a Registered Nurse in the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia.

"From 2008 to date, I have worked as a Registered Nurse with the Cancer Diseases Hospital dealing with the cancer patients. In 2010, I gained interest in palliative care and started devoting 50 percent of my time establishing and working in the palliative care department.

I would love to lecture palliative care to the students undertaking training. I look forward to forming a well-established Palliative Care department at Cancer Diseases Hospital.

Thank you so much for awarding me the scholarship. It has greatly assisted me to commence my studies, as I am still searching for more sponsorship to enable me complete my masters’ studies." (Patience now has additional funding from another generous donor to Oxford Brookes who supports palliative care training in Africa.) "Moreover, the scholarship has enabled me to undertake training at Oxford Brookes University which is the University of my dream.

Currently I am the only palliative care nurse at my institution. Palliative care is a new field in Zambia, so I would like to advance in my studies of palliative care so that I may practice it with excellent skills and knowledge and also educate my fellow colleagues and patients who are not aware of it. This will make them appreciate its importance when it is incorporated in the health care system.