Sebastiaan Raymaekers

MSc in International Hotel and Tourism Management, Brookes Alumni Fund scholar

Sebastiaan Raymaekers

Sebastiaan was captured by the excitement of working in a hotel at the age of eight years old, and talking to him, he clearly is as excited now as he ever was! He is a real enthusiast for his area and the difference it can make to people to be able to help them to discover and experience that ‘something else, somewhere new'.

He has already done an undergraduate course in ‘Hotel school’ in the Hague, and has gained work experience in several hotels and restaurants. He clearly loves being in each different environment, and savours all that he can learn that is new and different, as well as that constant aspect of helping people.

“This is something I really do love.”

For his dissertation, Sebastiaan is focusing on ethical people management practices within the hospitality industry – currently an under-researched area. “I will be looking at what practices would be considered ethical in an ideal world and how these compare to what operational employees and HR managers observe. I have chosen this topic because in many areas, hospitality employees aren't treated well and I would like to find out why this is the case.”

Sebastiaan has a deep-seated love for his chosen path and is enjoying his time at Brookes, which he describes as a very human place where people are willing to give whatever help they can.

The scholarship has helped significantly with reducing money stress. He is also working in a part time job in Oxford to help fund the course, as well as using his savings. The assistance from Brookes was a deciding factor for him in coming here.

“I have known since I was very young I wanted to do something with hospitality. Ever since I started working, I knew I was doing something I loved. I am very grateful to the Alumni Fund and its donors for giving me the opportunity to study at one of the best Hospitality schools. If I ever get the opportunity to return the favour, I wouldn't think twice, as I know how much of a difference it can make to someone.”