• By supporting the Brookes Alumni Fund you will help students be the best they can be - and achieve so much to improve the lives of people locally, nationally and internationally.

    You can support the Fund to do three things:

    • Help CENDEP (Centre for Development and Emergency Practice) students with scholarships and travel bursaries for field research
    • Provide financial support for Master’s students who would not otherwise be able to study at Postgraduate level
    • Fund opportunities for students to run community interest projects.

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    “Even if it seems like a small help, I can confirm it's something important for us. What comes from that experience and the knowledge gained during the field trip is something which will have a huge impact on many lives.” Corinna Vulpiani, recipient of a travel bursary from the Brookes Alumni Fund for a field trip to Colombia in January 2017.

    Student support

    Student support

    Thanks to the Brookes Alumni Fund, Will Mitchell was able to help young people from Gypsy, Romany and Traveller communities – by offering free mountain bike coaching: “The mountain biking has given the children really positive memories. If they face difficult times in their life, thinking back to their achievements can help them get through that.”

    Student opportunities

    “With the support of the Brookes Alumni Fund, I am delighted to be back at Brookes to study the MA in History (History of Medicine). I tried to afford this each and every year following completion of my BA in 2010 but an extended period as a carer and a low-paid job meant that I was not able to fund it.” Ross Brooks, recipient of a Brookes Alumni Fund scholarship.

    Student opportunities

    I believe that a good education is the greatest gift you can give. I was given this gift by my parents, and I am now repaying that gift to me by sharing the gift with others.

    Jenny Birdi

    It was so enjoyable to study at Oxford Brookes. Years later, it is heartwarming to assist yet new generations in their higher education via the Brookes Alumni Fund. It is thrilling to see and to hear each year of the the ingenious ways that new ideas are put into practice. There is a great deal of good work carried out with Alumni support.

    Michael Pope

    Making a lasting difference

    By making a regular gift to the Brookes Alumni Fund you will ensure today’s students get the opportunities to be the best they can. It will also make a lasting difference to society and the world.

    Previous beneficiaries have gone on to do important and inspiring work, including research into cures for genetic conditions, established projects to rebuild civil society in South Sudan and Darfur, established sustainable social enterprises and so much more.

    Your support is vital to ensuring this great work continues.

    Support the Brookes Alumni Fund

    Thank you.

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