• Annual Brookes Telethon 2018

    From 1 - 21 June a team of 26 student callers will be contacting Brookes alumni as part of the Annual Brookes Telethon campaign.

    This provides our student callers an opportunity to ask alumni about their careers, to update alumni on what’s going on around campus, and to ask them for their support of the Brookes Alumni Fund.

    This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Brookes Alumni Fund – that’s 10 years of helping scores of Brookes students pursue their passions and dreams here in Oxford. Their talent and energy are inspiring, and your support will help unlock their potential.

    By giving to the Brookes Alumni Fund, you support committed students to pursue their dreams of getting a university degree – many of whom couldn't do so without the financial support – and provide them with an opportunity of a lifetime.

    You will also help students to start up innovative, community-based projects that will improve the lives of many living locally – and by doing so you also provide our students with practical skills and experience that develop them as individuals and improve their career prospects.

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    Just 14 people giving £10 a month, with Gift Aid, would provide a student with an annual John Henry Brookes scholarship.

  • Jean-Baptiste, who recently got a Merit on his Master’s degree in Development & Emergency Practice, received a scholarship and says:

    Your generosity is the reason I am where I am now. I had the academic potential, but I was financially not capable to do this course. Your support gave me hope. I believe I can achieve my dreams, and I wouldn't have been able to come this far without you. Thank you so much.”

    Your gift to the Brookes Alumni Fund will ensure that today’s students get the opportunities to be the best they can. It will also make a lasting difference to to society and the world.

    Thank you!

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