Finding sustainable solutions to world challenges

At Oxford Brookes sustainability is central to our mission. It is now beyond doubt that human activity is responsible for the release of vast amounts of carbon dioxide which is having a very negative impact on our planet. Our world-leading research highlights the connection between buildings, energy use and carbon emissions and delivers sustainable solutions. In addition, innovative solutions are being delivered in the areas of sustainable engineering and securing buildings against flood risk.

Finding sustainable solutions to world challenges

Our progress so far

Through our research and our skilled graduates, we are developing low carbon building solutions for all stages of the building life-cycle and at all scales, from start-ups to national organisations. 

The innovative work of our research groups includes:

  • developing effective low carbon solutions for meeting national and global energy challenges and the supply routes necessary to deliver these solutions effectively

  • acting as a global leader in the fields of carbon counting, building performance evaluation and assessment of current and future overheating risk in buildings

  • working on advanced sustainable materials and joining processes

  • addressing future transport scenarios in sustainable mobility and electric vehicles

  • engaging with local transport initiatives to improve air quality and reduce congestion.

Our ambitions

Oxford Brookes architects and engineers are already bringing benefits to society.  With further support our projects can reduce our reliance on carbon and have an enormous impact on the sustainability of buildings and vehicles.  Plans include:

  • developing effective ways of securing buildings against flood risk to help save lives and aid communities to recover from flooding.

  • continuing with our mission to accelerate a sustainable shift to low carbon vehicles and fuels in the UK

  • addressing the impact of occupant behaviour on energy use in low/zero carbon buildings and opening up further opportunities, ranging from using sensors to measure occupant behaviour to the sociology and psychology of energy use

  • investigating the health implications of having poor indoor air quality due to inadequate ventilation. 

How you can help 

If you are motivated to help us deliver solutions to address these vitally important environmental issues facing the UK and the world today, donations of all sizes will help to make this a reality.   By supporting our Environment Fund, your gift will make a real difference now and for all our futures. 

Case study

This research is put into practise daily by designers, architects and builders and can be seen through the work of the sustainable architecture practice Penoyre & Prasad LLP:

It is critical that designers, builders and building users understand how their buildings perform.  Since 2004, 20 post occupancy evaluations of our buildings have been completed.  We enjoy the rigour of thinking that the Oxford Brookes team bring to assessing building performance and look forward to continuing our partnership together to learn from, and improve upon, the buildings we design.

Ian Goodfellow, Partner, Penoyre & Prasad LLP