Transforming the lives of people with cancer

Through our pioneering research into the best cancer care services and medical treatment, we aim to both increase survival rates and enhance the experience of cancer patients.

Transforming the lives of people with cancer

Our progress so far

Cancer is one of the greatest health issues of our time – over one in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime. Too often, people do not receive the best possible treatment and care, reducing their chances of survival.  Researchers at Oxford Brookes are working to:

  • improve the supportive care services for cancer patients and their families

  • develop new treatments for cancer.

Thank you, it feels good to know that somebody cares enough to try to improve things. 

A patient in one of our prostate cancer studies.

The impact of this work cannot be underestimated. We need your support to make further strides in these areas and improve the lives of cancer patients.

Our ambitions


Dr David Carter, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at Oxford Brookes, aims to increase the five year survival rate of women with ovarian cancer by finding solutions to the problem of drug resistance in the treatment of the condition. He and his team have made a potentially exciting breakthrough which, if proven, would mean a very simple, easy to implement, change in the way people with ovarian cancer are treated, offering them precious extra time.


The Cancer Care Research Group at Oxford Brookes is carrying out a collaborative study with the University of Oxford to understand cancer patients’ experiences following diagnosis and treatment, to identify any areas where their needs have not been fully met and to then develop interventions to better meet these needs. 

Oxford Brookes researchers are also working on a project to understand the impact of nurse-led intervention in primary care for supporting men diagnosed with prostate cancer.  


In another study, Dr Verna Lavender, Registered Nurse and Senior Lecturer in Cancer Care, aims to establish the best model of nursing care for patients receiving experimental medicines on clinical trials.

How you can help 

If you are motivated to help us deliver life-saving and life-enhancing research, donations of all sizes will help to make this a reality. By supporting our Health Fund, your gift will make a difference to people’s lives affected by cancer for generations to come.

Case study

With additional support, Dr Carter’s team are set to prove their exciting initial findings:

While the work so far is hugely encouraging, further research is required – more experiments in the laboratory and early-stage clinical trials – for which funding support is needed. Supporting our lab would help us to develop new treatments for ovarian cancer and could make a real difference to women in the UK and across the world. If we could give families a little bit more precious time with mums, daughters and sisters, then I would be content for life.

Dr David Carter, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, Oxford Brookes