Confronting the humanitarian crises of our time

The Centre for Emergency and Development Practice (CENDEP) contributes vital knowledge on how to understand, deal with and respond to contemporary global crises. Acclaimed for professionalising the field, it has a unique emphasis on the education and training of humanitarian practitioners for work in areas affected by war, political violence and disaster.

Confronting the humanitarian crises of our time

Our progress so far

CENDEP's work has global reach and impact that cannot be underestimated. A multidisciplinary centre, it brings together aid and humanitarian workers, academics, professionals and practitioners to develop practice-oriented approaches in disaster risk reduction and response, chronic poverty, building urban resilience, conflict transformation, protracted conflict settings, refugee studies and torture prevention. Based on the staff’s long-term experience as academics, practitioners, activists and policy-makers the research and teaching are closely interlinked and focus on three themes:

  • Disasters, risks, shelter and development

  • Conflict and humanitarian action

  • Human rights and forced migration.

Everywhere I go in my work I apply what I learnt at Brookes.

Jean-Paul Ntezimana, Learner, Search for Common Ground, Rwanda and CENDEP alumnus.

Our ambitions

Supporting CENDEP will help vulnerable people around the world. Projects to tackle urgent issues include:


Cathrine Brun, Director of CENDEP, is addressing the changing requirements that participants in the humanitarian system experience with more long-term engagements in chronic crises and protracted displacement.  Her research also includes forced migrants outside camp settings, particularly in the context of urban protracted displacement and the development of area-based approaches to respond to displacement and housing.   


Dr Supriya Akerkar is currently working alongside seven international organisations to develop practices and methodologies which ensure that the needs of the elderly and those with disabilities are met in emergencies.   

How you can help 

If you are motivated to support us to find solutions for people affected by crises, donations of all sizes will help to make this a reality. By supporting our Humanity Fund, your gift will extend our humanitarian work around the world and address very current, real-life issues.

Case study

"The Centre has an international reputation for pioneering education and training for humanitarian aid workers. Combining innovative practice-based study with a multi-disciplinary academic approach, its unique emphasis on educating humanitarian practitioners for work in war, political violence and disaster is a model for others."

David Peppiatt, International Director British Red Cross Society, Development and Emergency Practice and CENDEP alumnus.