Tackling the equality challenges of the 21st Century

Oxford Brookes is challenging and shaping the debate and discussion on equality and diversity, as well as religion and human rights.

Tackling the equality challenges of the 21st Century

From trafficking of human beings to increasing women’s representation in leadership roles, The Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice (CDPRP) brings together academic and practitioner expertise to undertake research to tackle key equality and human rights challenges of the 21stCentury.

Its work challenges current thinking on equality issues and shape recommendations for national and European policy makers to advance equality in the workplace and, more broadly, in society.

Our progress so far

The CDPRP was established in 2004 as a cross-institutional centre which specialises in interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange on equality and diversity with a focus on the workplace. Our main activities include: interdisciplinary research linking legal and human resource management perspectives to inform equality policies and practices in the workplace; events to facilitate debate and discussion between academics, policy makers, senior mangers; the development and delivery of equality programmes to help organisations to attract and retain a talented diverse workforce.

Our ambition

Supporting the CDPRP will help to advance equality and ensure respect of human rights in the workplace and in society as a whole. Project to tackle equality issues and human rights issues include:

  • Developing measures to combat human trafficking by helping businesses to ensure that they provide products and services that do not breach human rights 
  • Understanding the challenges of active ageing for the law and for the workplace
  • Increasing women’s representation in decision making roles
  • Understanding the complexity of around religion or belief and how the workplace can help with the integration of different groups and to foster good relations among these groups
  • Finding solutions to support sustainable working lives by achieving a healthy balance between paid work and other aspects of people’s lives.

How can you help

You could become a friend of the Centre and offer either your time and expertise to take part in events and help with our research or sponsor some of our research projects or a PhD scholarship. 

Case study

The Centre hosted a debate in October 2015 with Lord Davies of Abersoch CBE and Helena Morrissey CBE to discuss the campaign for gender equality in the workplace.

This debate, chaired by Professor Simonetta Manfredi, director of the Centre, reviewed progress made so far to achieve greater gender diversity in leadership roles across different sectors of the economy and what remains to be done to close the gender gap.

The event was sponsored by the 30% Club that was founded in 2010 with the goal of achieving 30% women on FTSE-100 boards by the end of 2015.