Oxford Centre for Making

To acknowledge that the global challenges facing society in the 21st century will only be solved by our disciplines working together, we need to create a new home, an iconic new centre for ‘making'.

Oxford Centre for Making

Our progress so far

Oxford Brookes University has a long and distinguished history of educating artists, engineers and designers. We are recognised as leading thinkers and makers across a range of subject areas. From electric cars and artificial intelligence to architecture and low-carbon building, Brookes' teachers and researchers have outstanding credentials as innovative, enterprising, creative thinkers working at the cutting-edge of technology. 

Our outstanding expertise benefits both our research and teaching, for instance our engineering team at Brookes includes an award-winning F1 race car designer and a world-leading sustainable vehicle engineering researcher. Our architecture students are taught every day in innovative design studios by world-leading architects and designers. 

Our strong partnerships with industry across many different sectors, from computing and engineering to publishing and the built environment, ensure that our students’ learning is work-relevant and fed by live projects that offer the space to innovate. For example, we recently partnered a local company to develop pioneering work in computer vision, winning Best Knowledge Exchange Partnership of the year. 

Our ambitions

Amidst a recent reawakening of interest in craft, sustainability and technical making skills, we want to create The Oxford Centre for Making - a brand new facility where the many different practical disciplines that make up the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment can come together under one iconic roof. It will be a place where ‘Making’ is very visible, where different disciplines can learn from each other, where live projects can be easily developed and where research and teaching can sit side by side. 

It will contain 'connected' teaching rooms, computing labs, engineering workshops, art and design and studios, performance labs and social learning environments. We also want to create flexible spaces where our researchers and students can interact with businesses and local communities, providing design innovation labs, business incubation space and media production studios. 

How you can help 

Exploiting interdisciplinary opportunities is a long-term aim for Brookes, but our plans and ideas are taking shape now. We are seeking partners and sponsors to work with us to shape this centre of excellence for making and bring it to an exciting reality. In particular, we are looking for businesses to sponsor buildings, project work and technologies. We are also looking to attract philanthropists to the values and principles of the project. 

Case study

We will be looking to the creation of spaces that don’t at present exist in Oxford, housed in one iconic facility, with inter-disciplinarity as a defining principle: a place where Making is Thinking 

Paul Inman, Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment