How to support

  • How to support

    Because… there are so many ways you can support Brookes.

  • Donate

    Make a donation

    A financial gift of any size will have an impact. Your donation will help us to:

    • create more bursaries and scholarships to ensure that those with talent and potential can receive a Brookes education
    • fund world-changing research in our priority areas of health, technology, the environment and humanity
    Get involved

    Get involved

    By providing our students with opportunities beyond the curriculum, you can give them the insight and confidence they need to succeed.

    You can take part in our e-mentoring programme Brookes Connections, offer internships or work experience, share your knowledge or talk to us about other ideas you may have.

    Get in touch

    Get in touch

    If you are interested in supporting us but not quite sure how, please get in contact with us.