Supporting the Brookes experience

Because connecting you with our talented students helps them to excel.

Our progress so far

Oxford Brookes’ predecessor institutions were established to educate students for the professions and this is still an important part of the work we do today. 

Teachers, nurses, architects, motorsport engineers, accountants and many more develop the skills they need here at Oxford Brookes.

Our connections with professionals and industry experts have been a vital part of our success.  From oversight of and input into the running of the University through to participation in validation events and curriculum development, our dedicated supporters offer us their expertise and ensure that we not only keep up with, but stay ahead of, the skills that employers and industry require.

Our ambitions

As a university, we are very fortunate to have a significant number of supporters keen to see us, and our students, succeed.  And we know that our supporters enjoy their work with us.

We want to build on this vital network and to extend our connections with the professions and industry experts.  This will ensure that students right across the University have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of leaders in their fields.

Your views, insights and knowledge are invaluable to us as we continue to evolve the Brookes experience.

How you can help:

  • Offer your expertise to help shape our curriculum, sit on an advisory board or take part in validation events

  • Support our Open Days, sharing your experiences of Brookes with prospective students

  • Act as an international ambassador, providing careers advice or networking opportunities in your home country.

Case study

Supporting the Brookes experience

As an alumnus, I've been actively involved with Oxford Brookes for over 20 years. Why? Because it is a vibrant, stimulating place and I feel that I can use what experience I have for the benefit of students and to help the University progress. It is a kind of pay back for my great education. The best kind of learning is personal experience, the next best is to be helped by someone who has done it. I encourage you to get involved.

Bryan Brown, alumnus, author of John Henry Brookes: The Man Who Inspired A University and advisor on University committees.