Investing in a student’s life and future

Our postgraduate students go on to become those we rely on as the experts and world changers of tomorrow. A scholarship can make all the difference in making this happen.

Our progress so far:

It is a wonderful thing to see students doing something they are passionate about.

Whether in their studies or through a project, they bring energy and inspiration to their vision of what they want to achieve in the world.

In recent years we have awarded a variety of scholarships to enable postgraduate students, both from this country and abroad, to come to this University.

Our ambitions:

A postgraduate qualification from Oxford Brookes can help students to develop their careers and pursue their passion.

With your help we want to provide more scholarships towards postgraduate course fees.

Your support will allow more students to come to Oxford Brookes to study, conduct leading research and contribute to the vital resource of knowledge in the world.

How you can help:

If a student is struggling to fund their studies, this can be make or break.

For many postgraduate students the financial cost is a great stress, meaning long hours of paid work which inevitably impacts on their studies.

For others, the lack of finances means they are not able to come here to study at all.

Your support in helping to fund a postgraduate scholarship can achieve so much more than you think. You can make an impact today, tomorrow, and for life.

Case study

Investing in a student’s life and future

Chris Wiggs had been working for primate conservation charities for a number of years but longing to make a greater impact.

Through his studies Chris now has a stronger vision, improved skills and greater confidence to enable industry and environmentalists to work together for the benefit of both animals and humans.

He conducted an analysis of sustainability policies in the palm oil industry which took him to Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Chris is now working for International Animal Rescue, a charity working to conserve primates in Indonesia.

I really doubted whether I could afford to do my Masters’ degree. I'm looking forward to applying the skills I learnt at Oxford Brookes to my new role in Indonesia. Being given the scholarship has opened exciting future possibilities.

Chris Wiggs, Brookes Alumni Scholarship