• Recycling and waste

    We recycle over 60% of our waste at Brookes - including food waste - with a goal of 75% by 2020. We encourage waste reduction and re-use first before recycling. See our waste strategy and waste action plan for details.

    Our new Triple Shot of Sustainability programme promotes reusable cup use while composting over 6 tonnes of coffee grounds per year and diverting up to 400,000 paper cups from the waste bin per year.

  • FACT: Brookes has donated 3.7 tonnes of used books for reuse to Better World Books since 2015.

    Get involved

    • See A to Z of Waste for details on what to recycle where at Brookes.
    • Save 10% every time you use a reusable cup to buy a hot drink in one of our cafes.
    • Join the Brookes Environmental Forum to post unwanted items for reuse at Brookes, or email sustainability@brookes.ac.uk
    • Donate items to the British Heart Foundation. See charity section of A to Z of Waste.