• switchboard headerr
  • The switchboard team is led by Sally Cushing.  The team consists of a dedicated professional telephonist who is the first point of contact for all customers.   The operator serves as the ‘gate keeper’ by screening calls and transferring to the correct individual or department, often providing information to callers.

    The team recognises the importance of providing a good level of customer service and are commitment to delivering a high standard by supporting the university strategy and in accordance with the university policy.

    The operator performs routine troubleshooting for the telephony equipment, reporting any problems to the OBIS team.  The supervisor often liaises with other departments to resolve operational issues and provide the team with updated contact details.

    Internal callers please dial 0 or 100 to reach the Switchboard.

    To report any problems with the telephony system, contact Oxford Brookes Information Solutions (OBIS) team on extension 3311, and notify the Switchboard team at switchboard@brookes.ac.uk for the calls to be directed appropriately.