Facilities and services

    • Disability services
      Access information for disabled students
    • eLearning
      Computers and electronic communications are a vital component of most courses at Brookes, find out about the innovative systems we offer.
    • Marketing team
      Our faculty marketing team provides a wide range of professional services and support to all faculty staff and promotes the work of the schools and department across a wide range of marketing channels. Find out more about who we are and how you can contact us.
    • Research support office
      The research support office provides support for academic staff in the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment to undertake the high quality, high impact research and knowledge exchange activities. It also supports the Faculty in the development and delivery of the strategies which lead to these activities.
    • Resources centre
      The resources centre makes available a vast collection of builtenvironment reference sources and documentation to supplement the information needs of staff and students.
    • Student Support Co-ordinators
      The Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment provides an academic and personal support framework for all undergraduate students.