• elearning

    Computers and electronic communications are a vital component of most courses at Brookes and can be accessed as soon as you receive your student card.

    We make good use of technology to assist teaching and learning. Our students use innovative systems, all of which can be accessed through the Brookes Virtual Gateway for Student.

    • Virtual Learning Environment

      Our dedicated eLearning platform is based on Moodle and provides access to a range of learning activities including lecture notes and presentations, assignments, discussion forums, interactive animations, self-test quizzes and the University’s e-Portfolio system, Mahara.

    • Brookes Wiki

      Brookes Wiki is designed to make it easy for students to share information with each other, and with the world.

    • RADAR

      RADAR is the multi-purpose resource bank for Oxford Brookes University, showcasing the University's teaching and research.

    • PIP

      PIP is Brookes’ system that allows staff and students to manage their personal details, including tasks such as choosing study modules and checking their grades.

    • Electronic Library

      Our library gives students access to a wide range of resources including databases, e-journals, e-books, electronic newspapers, mobile e-resources, an electronic recourses FAQs, reference desk and enquiry service.

    • Google@Brookes

      Brookes is a Google campus which means that we make use of Google technologies such as GMail, Google Drive, Google Docs.

    • Technical Support

      Students can receive support through Brookes’ own IT support services, IT Services. The faculty employs 2 full-time Digital Media e-Learning Developers who work with staff to build engaging interactive activities for their students using multimedia authoring applications such as Camtasia, Adobe Connect, Flash and Captivate.