• Marketing team

    As a faculty marketing team we provide a wide range of professional services and support to all faculty staff. This includes the promotion of the individual schools and departments that make up the faculty, working with staff from each area to establish marketing objectives, optimise opportunities to showcase their work and research and to measure the success of initiatives. We also ensure that all promotional work accords with university branding.

    Digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the university’s website allow us to be fluid and immediate in our contact with our audiences. We offer faculty staff support with photography and videography, to enhance the advertisement of events, workshops and courses: we make particular use of video content for our virtual open days. Our team leads on the delivery of major events, such as university open days, and for any faculty events where we do not lead, we are able to offer support by providing branded items such as pens, folders, bags and print material including course brochures, flyers and posters.

    Our work is always evolving. In order to discover new and innovative ways to grow the profile of the faculty and the university, we source market intelligence, conducting primary and secondary research to inform new strategies and tactics. What you see in these paragraphs is a snapshot of our work. For more detail and to discuss your needs, please do get in touch with us.