Paul Inman

    Paul Inman
    Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dean of Faculty

    He is a member of the University’s senior management team leading on international student recruitment, having previously held the portfolio for civic and community engagement. He leads a faculty comprised of 4000 students, over 300 staff and a number of internationally recognised research centres. The faculty is home to sector-leading teaching, research and knowledge exchange in Fine Art, Film and Digital Media, Music, Publishing, Computing, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and the Built Environment. 

    Name Job title Contact
    Andrews, Laurie Programme Administrator landrews@brookes.ac.uk
    Ayre, Lynda Programme Administrator layre@brookes.ac.uk
    Ayyub, Sarah Marketing Officer sayyub@brookes.ac.uk
    Baiche, Bousmaha Research Grants Officer bbaiche@brookes.ac.uk
    Barcial, Jannelle Web and Digital Media Officer jbarcial@brookes.ac.uk
    Bhogal, Pardeep Marketing Manager pbhogal@brookes.ac.uk
    Bower, Clare Finance Officer cbower@brookes.ac.uk
    Browning, Charlotte  Programme Administrator cbrowning@brookes.ac.uk
    Burton, Daniel Programme Administrator dburton@brookes.ac.uk
    Cheeseman, Patrick Digital Media and e-Learning Developer pcheeseman@brookes.ac.uk
    Chen, Liming Programme Administrator lchen@brookes.ac.uk
    Clipson, Paul Business Support Officer paul.clipson@brookes.ac.uk
    Collins, Ruth Academic Administration Manager ruthcollins@brookes.ac.uk
    Dalton, Georgina Associate Dean Student Experience gdalton@brookes.ac.uk
    Dixon, Rachel Programme Administrator rdixon@brookes.ac.uk
    Farrell, Lynn Executive Office Administrator lfarrell@brookes.ac.uk
    Foley, Catherine Student Support Coordinator catherine.foley@brookes.ac.uk
    Giddy, Rekha Programme Adminstrator rgiddy@brookes.ac.uk
    Glass, Andy Technical Services Manager acglass@brookes.ac.uk
    Groeneveld, Amy Research Grants Officer agroeneveld@brookes.ac.uk
    Guarnieri, Anna Market Intelligence Officer a.guarnieri@brookes.ac.uk
    Gunther, Marcelo IT Reporgraphics Technician m.gunther@brookes.ac.uk
    Henderson, Leslie Head of Finance and Planning lhenderson@brookes.ac.uk
    Hinton, Katie Executive Office Administrator katiehinton@brookes.ac.uk
    Hissey, Angie  Executive Office Administrator and Arts Short Course Administrator ahissey@brookes.ac.uk
    Holden, Amanda Programme Administrator aholden@brookes.ac.uk
    Hughes, Karen Courses Administrator khughes@brookes.ac.uk
    Hughes, Sam Programme Manager RIBA Studio sam.hughes@brookes.ac.uk
    Idzikowski, Kajetan Research Administrator kidzikowski@brookes.ac.uk
    Inman, Paul   Pro Vice Chancellor p.inman@brookes.ac.uk
    Isaac, Tracey Programme Administrator tisaac@brookes.ac.uk
    Jacobs, Michele  Student Support Co-ordinator mjacobs@brookes.ac.uk
    Johnson, Sarah Programme Portfolio Manager sjohnson@brookes.ac.uk
    King, Andy Partnerships and Placements Manager paking@brookes.ac.uk
    Lassiter, Rhiannon Marketing Manager (on sabbatical) rlassiter@brookes.ac.uk
    Lobo, Louise Marketing Officer llobo@brookes.ac.uk
    Machen, Jazz Programme Administrator jasminmachen@brookes.ac.uk
    Manclark, Sharon Faculty Administrator smanclark@brookes.ac.uk
    Massingham, Verity Quality Officer vmassingham@brookes.ac.uk
    McNiffe, Ali Executive Office Manager aamcniffe@brookes.ac.uk
    Minogue, Andressa Programme Administrator aminogue@brookes.ac.uk
    Najak, Adam Programme Adminstrator anajak@brookes.ac.uk
    Palar-Kojalowicz, Gosia Quality Officer mpalar@brookes.ac.uk
    Peckelova, Martina Web and Digital Media Assistant mpeckelova@brookes.ac.uk
    Quinn, Natalie Programme Portfolio Manager nquinn@brookes.ac.uk
    Reynolds, Melanie Programme Administrator mreynolds@brookes.ac.uk
    Sadeghi-Movahed, Jennifer Programme Portfolio Manager jsadeghi-movahed@brookes.ac.uk
    Salih, Fareena Student Support Co-ordinator fsalih@brookes.ac.uk
    Siaulyte, Adriana Programme Administrator asiaulyte@brookes.ac.uk
    Solsona, Marta Student Support Co-ordinator msolsona@brookes.ac.uk
    Staines, Nancy Programme Administrator nstaines@brookes.ac.uk
    Strachan, Harriet Marketing Officer hstrachan@brookes.ac.uk
    Stuart, Alice Programme Adiminstrator astuart@brookes.ac.uk
    Swannell, Iona Programme Adiminstrator iswannel@brookes.ac.uk
    Syed, Fazal Timetabling, Facilities and Services Officer fsyed@brookes.ac.uk
    Tanner, Helen Research Manager htanner@brookes.ac.uk
    Tindale, Caroline Programme Administrator ctindale@brookes.ac.uk
    Varela, Francis Social Media and Web Assistant fvarela@brookes.ac.uk
    Varney, Sam Student Support Co-ordinator svarney@brookes.ac.uk
    Vicars, Daniel  Programme Portfolio Manager dvicars@brookes.ac.uk
    Walker, Joanna Gallery Manager and Exhibitions Curator joannawalker@brookes.ac.uk
    Wellington, Sean Associate Dean Strategy and Development swellington@brookes.ac.uk
    Wells, Sally Head of Operations s.wells@brookes.ac.uk
    Wilson, Lorraine Business Support Manager lorraine.wilson@brookes.ac.uk
    Woodward, Rob Digital Media and E-Learning Developer rwoodward@brookes.ac.uk