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    Tuesday, 24 May 2016

    Professional services experts from HEIs shared their experience of operationalising a customer relationship management system, the challenges and the results.This event was co-hosted by marketing and IT professionals from Oxford Brookes University and Plymouth University. The day's programme included best practice sharing, case studies and workshops for CRM managers and operational teams across a twin track conference programme.



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    10:00 Registration and coffee

    10:20  Keynote: The Difference Between Theory & Practice is Always Bigger in Practice than in Theory

    Organisation wide CRM is a complex but mature set of technologies and processes that are well established in many industry sectors. Translating these technologies and processes into Higher Education should have been straightforward but turned out to present a new set of challenges and lessons learned when implementing an institution wide CRM at Plymouth University.

    – Paul Westmore, Plymouth University

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    11:05 Break

    11:30 CRM - The Early Days

    With heightened student expectations and increased competition in the sector there's an urgent need to review the way student recruitment activities are delivered. See how we have approached the initial stages in responding to this need along with the challenges experienced so far.

    - Paul Staite, Canterbury Christ Church University
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    11:30 The Long and Winding Road

    Discover how LSE moved from their legacy CRM system to their new TargetX Salesforce CRM platform. The presentation will look at the whole journey from putting the tender together, through the implementation and launch. 

    - Phil Wood, London School of Economics

    12:15 Lunch

    13:15 Building the Success Platform 

    Learn how we implemented and use Salesforce at Edinburgh Research and Innovation Ltd. (part of the University of Edinburgh). This will include implementation, automation (with workflows and DocuSign), integration and how we encouraged our users to use SalesForce. I will also speak about the higher education advisory council and what we do. 

    - Stewart Anderson, Edinburgh Research & Innovation Ltd.
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    13:15 Navigating the choppy waters of CRM implementation 

    We face a wide range of technical, process and cultural challenges when implementing CRM. Devleoped in partnership with universities, we will introduce a practical framework that has been used to help navigate change to ensure it sticks. This framework provides a health check for those currently in implementation or a planning tool for those about to embark on the journey. We will also share some lessons from implementing CRM outside the HE sector.

    - Charlie Habershon and Derek Nott, PA Consulting
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    14:00 Leap of Faith Systems Implementation 

    A case study, telling the story of how Oxford Brookes implemented a Business Intelligence system. We will talk about the barriers and learning points from implementation when no vision exists, the benefits are theoretical, the user base has not formed, it isn't a priority for IT and there's no funding.

    - Roger Grew & Zane Kalnina, Oxford Brookes University 
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    14:00 Modelling Customer Management Using the Researcher's Journey

    This presentation discusses balance between data management requirements and customer service, where use of the linear researcher's journey provides focus on effective customer engagement when other models have been less successful.

    - David Wong, University College London
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    14:45 Break

    15:10 Don't forget the Users

    Is there a role for a Digital Skills Developer in your CRM implementation? What value could they add and what should you consider? Plymouth University employed one to help users engage with and learn about the new system. Find out more and take away key ideas.

    - Loretta Cook, Plymouth University
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    15:10 Roads? Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads... 

    A CRM implementation is far more effective if you can engage your stakeholders rather than dragging them along for the ride. Why not use Agile to enlist your colleagues as co-drivers and make the quantum leap to CRM culture together?

    -Helen Simms, Plymouth University
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    16:00 Feedback & Endnote - Rhiannon Lassiter, Oxford Brookes University
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    16:30 Close