Student voice

    Students are able to influence, change and improve their programme and their learning environment, both for themselves and other students, by providing feedback at various points during their studies. Feedback can be given in a range of different ways; including through the module evaluations, via student representatives who attend programme and subject committees, through the Brookes Union representatives and, through taking part in the National Student Survey (NSS) or the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) during the final year. The teaching, research and support staff want students to have the best experience possible and so acting on student comments is very important. These pages show ways in which the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment (TDE) has listened to the feedback of students and responded to their voice.


    Assessment and feedback are a crucial component of students’ learning experience. 

    The Faculty aims to publish the assessment schedules of all its undergraduate programmes early each semester. Each schedule shows the agreed assessment deadlines for each coursework and the date when feedback will be available for that coursework. Each programme assessment schedule has been designed by the programme team to ensure that as much as possible ‘bunching’ of coursework deadlines is minimised and students are aware when they will receive their formal feedback. Any changes to dates by module leaders for these published coursework deadlines and feedback are exceptional and require the permission of the programme Subject Coordinator. 


    Module evaluation is carried out via Moodle at the end of each module run. Students are asked to answer four standard questions and make any comments or suggestions about the module. Lecturers must reflect on this feedback as they complete their module report which is discussed at a programme or subject committee the following semester with student representatives. Often then, students do not see the impact of their feedback on individual modules. The section of the module reports detailing any changes made as a result of student feedback are published here by programme.