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Dr Graham Wood

BA (Cantab) PHD

Reader in Environmental Assessment & Management

School of the Built Environment

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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Phone number: 01865 483942


Location: AB209

I am a Reader in the School of the Built Environment and Subject Coordinator for the MSc in Environmental Assessment & Management at Oxford Brookes. I am also the Liasion Manager for a collaborative provision with EEF, covering programmes incHealth, Safety and Environmental Management.

Teaching interests include:

Environmental assessment and management; GIS and information technology in environmental planning and management; environmental decision-making; research methods.


Modules taught

P38333 GIS and Environmental Modelling (Module Leader)

P38306 Procedures and Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment (Module Leader)

U37729 Geographical Information Systems (Module Leader)

U37730 Research Data

U37722 Environmental Decision Making (Module Leader)


I have supervised over 65 MSc dissertations in Environmental Management and Technology, Environmental Assessment and Management, and the Environmental Assessment specialisation in Spatial Planning.

PhD Supervision:

Gamper, D. (ongoing) Visitor Mobility in UNESCO World Heritage city centres. Role:Director of Studies

Olorundami, T. (ongoing) Mapping the Contextual Barriers and Opportunities for Effectiveness in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): A Comparative Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries. Role:Director of Studies

Farghaly, K. (ongoing) BIM and BIG data based prototype system (ABC-IM) for existing cluster of buildings’ asset management. Role: Supervisor

Carpenter, L. (ongoing) Mapping Murder: a Socio-legal investigation of Homicide in Lancashire, c.1816-1914. Role: Supervisor

Lawal , L. (ongoing) Planning for Sustainable Human Security in the Northeast Region of Nigeria: Case of Buni Yadi. Role: Supervisor



Impact assessment and environmental decision-making; GIS and spatial analysis in environmental assessment and management problems; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures and quality; auditing and evaluating environmental assessment methods.

Research group membership

Impact Assessment Unit

Research grants and awards

I have over 20 years of related research and consultancy experience for a range of bodies including the Economic and Social Research Council, the Natural Environment Research Council, DEFRA, European Commission, European Investment Bank, Vodafone, and Associated British Ports. 

2013-2015 Phase 1 Habitat Survey GIS Toolkit Development (with T. Shreeve, J. Watkins, M. Jackson and R. Jones) Funded by: HEIF-5

2011 Review of the Environmental Statement for Development at Graven Hill, Bicester (PI). Funded by: Cherwell District Council.

2010 Review of the Environmental Statement Accompanying the Hardham Tidal Abstraction Scheme Application (PI). Funded by: Atkins

2008-2009 The Effects of the Planning Process on the Noise Environment with Regard to Human Health, Flora, Fauna and the Built Environment. (Co-Investigator). Funded by: DEFRA.

2008 Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre: Expert Review of the Environmental Impact Statement and Supporting Information (PI). Funded by: SITA Cornwall Ltd.

2006-2008 Measuring Social Sustainability: Best Practice from Urban Renewal in the EU (with T. Dixon, J.Glasson, and A. Colantonio). Funded by: European Investment Bank EIBURS Programme

2004-2005 The Operation of the EIA Directive in Respect of the Wadden Sea Region (with J. Weston, and J. Piper). Funded by: Wadden Sea Forum.

2002-2004 Evaluating Significant Environmental Effects: Fuzzy Sets and Decision Making in EIA (Principal Investigator, with J. Glasson, A. Rodriguez-Bachiller and J. Weston). Funded by: Economic and Social Research Council, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

2002-2003 Five Years Report to the European Parliament and the Council on the Application and Effectiveness of the EIA Directive (with J. Weston, J. Glasson, E. Wilson, J. Piper). Funded by: European Commission.

2002 Shell Haven Container Port (Thames Gateway) Environmental Impact Statement Review (with J. Weston and J. Piper). Funded by: Associated British Ports Ltd.

2001-2004 Determining Significant Effects within Environmental Risk Management: A Case Study of the Ministry of Defence. Funded by: ESRC CASE Award with Defence Estates, Ministry of Defence.

2001 Dibden Bay Container Port Environmental Impact Statement Review. Funded by: Associated British Ports Ltd.

2001-2002 Ecological Footprinting Green Travel Plan Options: A GIS Approach (PI). Funded by: Oxford Brookes University with support from Vodafone.

2000 Sustainability Appraisal of Cotswold District Local Plan (Co-PI with CAG Consultants). Funded by: Cotswold District Council.

1999-2002 Environmental Assessment Scoping for the Oxfordshire Guided Transit Express (GTE) Scheme. (PI). Funded by: GTE for Oxfordshire Ltd.

1999-2000 Environmental Impact Statement Benchmark Assessment. (PI). Funded by: Environmental Resources Management on behalf of Transco Ltd.

1999 Jubilee Line Townscape Study: GIS Analysis (with A. Reeve and B. Goodey). Funded by: London Transport.

1997-1999 Update of EIA Procedures and Support Material For EU Development and Economic Co-operation With Developing Countries, Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (with J Glasson, J Weston, E Wilson, and GIBB Environmental). Funded by: European Commission, Directorates General 1A, 1B and VIII.

Further information

Impact Assessment Unit 


Journal articles

  • Drayson K, Wood G, Thompson S, 'An evaluation of ecological impact assessment procedural effectiveness over time'
    Environmental Science and Policy 70 (April) (2017) pp.54-66
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  • Drayson K, Wood G, Thompson S, 'Assessing the quality of the ecological component of English Environmental Statements'
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  • Pereira G, Ganser R, Wood G, De Conto SM, 'Environmental impact assessment and the planning process of major sports events in Brazil: a case study of the Rio 2007 Pan American Games'
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  • Wood G, 'Thresholds and criteria for evaluating and communicating impact significance in environmental statements: 'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'?'
    Environmental Impact Assessment Review 28 (1) (2008) pp.22-38
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  • Evans J, Wood G, Miller A, 'The Risk Assessment-policy Gap: An Example From the Uk Contaminated Land Regime'
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    Environment and Planning B-planning and Design 30 (2003) pp.523-540
    ISSN: 0265-8135 eISSN: 0265-8135
    Abstract Website

Book chapters

Conference papers

  • Ibrahim KF, Abanda FH, Vidalakis C, Woods G, 'BIM for FM: Input versus Output data'


Therivel, R., & Wood, G., (eds.) (forthcoming) Methods of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment 4th Edn. London: Routledge

Membership of professional bodies

Graham is a member of the ESRC Peer Review College and has been an end of award expert rapporteur since 2002. He has also been an expert assessor for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the National Science Foundation, USA.