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Mr Chris Kendrick

Teaching Assistant

School of Architecture

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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Senior Lecturer
Research Associate - OISD:T

Teaching interests

Dynamic thermal simulation of building performance, low energy and passive building design

Research interests and consultancy expertise

Thermal performance of steel intensive buildings, numerical modelling of building details, Building Regulations (Part L), building monitoring, air-tightness of building envelopes, novel building cladding development, passive cooling of buildings

Research projects


  • Use of water-cooled slabs in steel-framed buildings: comparison with conventional methods of cooling (Partners in Innovation, DTI)
  • Feasibility study: use of phase change materials in buildings (Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme)
  • Measuring air-tightness of steel cladding components (Corus)
  • Use of vacuum insulation in steel cladding (Corus)
  • Step-change in Building Cladding (DTI)


Journal articles

  • Tajdaran S, Bonatesta F, Ogden RG, Kendrick CC, 'CFD modeling of transpired solar collectors and characterisation of multi-scale airflow and heat transfer mechanisms'
    Solar Energy 131 (2016) pp.149-164
    ISSN: 0038-092X eISSN: 0038-092X
    Abstract Website
  • Tajdaran S, Bonatesta F, Ogden R, Kendrick C, 'Use of CFD Modelling for Transpired Solar Collectors and Associated Characterization of Multi-Scale Airflow and Heat Transfer Mechanisms'
    Energy Procedia 78 (2015) pp.2238-2243
    ISSN: 1876-6102 eISSN: 1876-6102
    Abstract Website
  • Wang X, Kendrick C, Ogden R, Walliman N, Baiche B, 'A Case Study on Energy Consumption and Overheating for a UK Industrial Building with Rooflights'
    Applied Energy 104 (2013) pp.149-158
    ISSN: 0306-2619 eISSN: 0306-2619
    Abstract Website
  • Kendrick C, Ogden R, Wang, Walliman N, 'Northlights or in-plane rooflights: Thermal energy comparison'
    Proceedings of the ICE - Energy 165 (3) (2012) pp.117-156
    ISSN: 1751-4223 eISSN: 1751-4223
    Abstract Website
  • Wang X, Kendrick C, Ogden R, Baiche B, Walliman N, 'Thermal modelling of an industrial building with solar reflective coatings on external surfaces: case studies in China and Australia'
    Journal of Building Performance Simulation 5 (3) (2012) pp.199-207
    ISSN: 1940-1493 eISSN: 1940-1493
    Abstract Website
  • Ogden R, Wang X, Walliman N, Kendrick C, 'Use of multi-foil insulation in buildings: a review'
    Proceedings of the ICE - Construction Materials 165 (5) (2012) pp.309-320
    ISSN: 1747-650X eISSN: 1747-650X
    Abstract Website
  • Kendrick C, Ogden R, Wang X, Baiche B, 'Thermal Mass in New-Build UK Housing: A Comparison of Structural Systems in a Future Weather Scenario. Energy and Buildings'
    Energy and Buildings 48 (2012) pp.40-49
    ISSN: 0378-7788 eISSN: 0378-7788
    Abstract Website
  • Ogden, R, Kendrick C, Peacock G, Walliman N, 'Metal Roofing on Residential Buildings in Europe: A Dynamic Thermal Simulation Study'
    IUP Journal of Science and Technology 8 (1) (2012) pp.23-38
    ISSN: eISSN:
    Abstract Website
  • Kendrick C, Wang X, Walliman N, Ogden R, 'Evaluation of ventilation strategies to reduce overheating in typical uk metal clad buildings with in-plane roof light'
    International Journal on Architectural Science 8 (2) (2011) pp.37-46
    ISSN: eISSN:
    Abstract Website
  • Wang, X, Kendrick C, Ogden R, Maxsted J, 'Dynamic Thermal Simulation of a Retail Shed with Solar Reflective Coatings'
    Applied Thermal Engineering 28 (2008) pp.1066-1073
    ISSN: 1359-4311 eISSN: 1359-4311
    Abstract Website
  • Ogden R, Wang X, Walliman N, Kendrick C, 'Vacuum insulation panels and their applications in buildings: A review'
    Proceedings of the ICE - Construction Materials 160 (2007) pp.143-153
    ISSN: 1747-650X eISSN: 1747-650X
    Abstract Website
  • Kendrick C, Walliman N, 'Removing unwanted heat in lightweight buildings using phase change materials in building components: Simulation modelling for PCM plasterboard'
    Architectural Science Review 50 (3) (2007) pp.265-273
    ISSN: 0003-8628 eISSN: 0003-8628
    Abstract Website
  • Ogden R, Kendrick C, Whitehouse N, Lasczynska J, 'Novel modular systems'
    Unknown (2000) pp.149-158
    ISSN: eISSN:

Conference papers

  • Ogden RG, Resalati S, Kendrick C, 'A Combined Operational and Embodied CO2 Approach; The Limits of Conventional Insulation Materials and Case for High Performance Vacuum Technology'

    Abstract Website
  • Kendrick C, Ogden R, 'Ecca industrial'
    unknown (2010)

  • Wang X, Kendrick C, Ogden R, 'Solarwall: a review'
    Unknown (2010)

  • Ogden R, Wang X, Kendrick C, 'Novel concept for vacuum panels based on hoop trusses and low e-membranes'
    None CORE repository (2010)

  • Wang X, Kendrick C, Ogden R, Maxted J, 'Energy Efficient Analysis on An Industrial Building Coated With Solar Reflective Materials: a Case Study in China and Australia'
    First International Conference on Building Energy and Environment, Proceedings Vols 1-3 (2008) pp.78-85


Other publications

  • Ogden RG, Resalati S, Heywood M, Kendrick CC, 'Shallow Hollow Core Vacuum Panels Based on Tied Arch Skins'
    ISSN: eISSN:


Examples of recent conference papers

Ogden, R. & Kendrick, C. C. (2002). Use of embedded water pipes to provide thermal comfort in steel framed buildings. In: International Iron and Steel Institute World Conference: steel in sustainable construction. Luxemburg, 2002.

Kendrick C and Ogden R VIP Cladding Panels for Buildings: Applications and Conceptual Solutions, 7th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium, Zurich September 2005