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Mr Andrea Placidi

School of Architecture

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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Other publications

  • Sarfatti, O; Placidi, A; Hart, C, 'Live project; Redesigning Botley Primary School canteen'
    Year 2 Interior Architecture students provided a series of 20 differnet design outputs following a 13 weeks design project. The project setting allowed the students to meet and ineract with the various current (anf future) users to enable them to come up with a design programme for the very old canteen building which currntly isn't sufficient  host the amount of pupils it serves. ()
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  • Sarfatti, O; Placidi, A, 'Live Project: Louie Memorial Community Pavilion in Botely, Oxford'
    Interior Architecture students at Oxford Brookes University in their second year participate in a ‘live project’ that has social emphasis. It is part of their design curriculum. In the following case, students were asked to expand and redesign an existing dilapidated community pavilion in Botley (Oxford) in collaboration with the local community and trustees.

    The Louie Memorial Pavilion has become over the last five years a lively community hub hosting many activities. Regardless of its poor physical conditions it seems that there has been an increase in local initiatives for activities that take place under its roof. Strong community spirit rather than the building performance, is the driving force. The aim of the ‘live project’ was to propose a series of functioning yet inspiring designs to accommodate the current activities and future potential whilst conveying the community ethos; it was also to provide leverage for a renovation campaign for the pavilion. The students’ proposals were presented to the public at an exhibition on-site and was reported by the local press. The captivating images were instrumental for the trustees to approach the parish council. It now supports the campaign and has initiated a fundraising process.

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