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Dr Regina Mapua Lim

PhD, MArch, DipArch, BArch, B Industrial Design, B Fine Arts

Subject Coordinator for Urban Design / Senior Lecturer in Urban Design and Planning

School of the Built Environment

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

Regina Lim

Phone number: 01865 483620


Location: Gypsy Lane Campus

Developing post-graduate to foundation level courses for urban design, planning and architecture covering research, theory and design. This includes supervising PhD candidates.

Design Studios, international field trips - understanding urban scale and morphology, lectures, design seminars, think tanks on urban agenda / issues

Modules taught

MA Research Methods in Design: Focus on design as research for urban design postgraduates prior to developing their thesis

Urban Design Theory: Current urban issues which have an impact on the way future cities are shaped

Development Seminars Covering key papers on place-identity and discussion seminars for urban design and planning

Globalisation: Development and Environment Global perspective on urbanisation processes shaped from student forum

Urbanisation and Development Approaches to development critical to urbanisation processes using case studies.

Advanced Urban Design (Studio II) Intensification of Cities Worldwide - international sites including Beirut, Shanghai, Brazil, Ney York,

Urban Planning in Practice: Programme and Project Implementation Postgraduate design studio with site based market project focusing on regeneration-led development goals for Ghana. Includes social, cultural and economic analysis and plan

Designing the City Urban design studio teaching various approaches for site analysis to deliver responsive housing needs for the historic city of Oxford. Postgraduate and advanced undergraduate level.

City Design and Skills Undergraduate design studio introducing research, design and communication skills including digital media and oral and visual research methods

Integrative and Contextual Studies Foundation level using live design projects in Oxford to enhance analytical skills for entry into Built Environment at university level


PhD Supervision: Currently supervising three urban design PhD candidates on urban transformation in China and Indonesia; one in Ghana on Urban Tourism for alleviating poverty

PhD Research seminars Review of faculty wide research in Planning, Architecture and Real Estate

MA in Urban Design Dissertation
Research supervision of final thesis. Topics range from high rise developments, post disaster reconstruction, urban tansformation and cultural identities, mobility, public art, gender and the city, vernacular architecture and contemporary housing, heritage and public space design

Urban form and transformation; cultural context of urban design and planning, pedagogocal innovations for learning and communicating urban design, green networks and mobility systems in developing countries.

PhD thesis: Philippine Cultural Identity and Traditional Settlements in Development:Coming to terms with cultural diversity in a nation-state. Diverse Philippine cultures responding to local, regional, national and global movements in development using oral and visual research methodologies.

MA Arch with distinction: Cultural Sustainability and Development in the Buddhist nations of Bhutan and Burma

Diploma in Architecture with distinction: Vernacular architecture in development; natural hazards and traditional building; anthropology of shelter; philosophy and theory of vernacular architecture

Research grants and awards

Architecture in Pakistan (2012) Teaching grant received from the Government of Pakistan and NED University, Pakistan

Youth participation in shaping the urban experience. Funded by UrbanBuzz (2009), UK

Developing urban design teachching package for A-levels Geography: Making Better Places. Funded by CABE (2006), UK

Research projects

Urban Mobility: Social Equity, Environmental Sustainability and Economic Opportunities - An Inquiry by Design workshop / seminar for addrssing urban issues in Manila (2017)

Cycles of Change: Advocating for bicycle infrastructure for Manila (2016 to present)

Social movements for planning positive urban futures: A citizen based approach to planning. Baguio City, Philippines (2016)

Post-disaster assessment of urban recovery in Tacloban, Leyte (2015) Philippines

Papers in process
PRIVATE / PUBLIC: Negotiating urban spaces in the Asian megalopolis. Case Study: Manila. Research methods using visual anthropology

Ignored green networks as the hope for biodiversity in the great urban cities of the developing world. Case Study: Manila. Research methods using morphology and visual data of still images and video



Journal articles

  • Lim RM, Novo de Azevedo L, Cooper J, 'Embracing the conceptual shift on new ways of experiencing the city and learning urban design: Pedagogical methods and digital technologies'
    Journal of Urban Design 21 (5) (2015) pp.638-660
    ISSN: 1357-4809 eISSN: 1357-4809
    Abstract Website
  • Wragg E, Lim R, 'Urban Visions from Lusaka, Zambia'
    Habitat International 46 (2014) pp.260-270
    ISSN: 0197-3975 eISSN: 0197-3975
    Abstract Website

Azevedo, L. & Lim, R. (2013). Improving Urban Design Learning. Urban Design Group Journal, 126, pp. 42-43

Azevedo, L., & Lim, R. (2012). New Approaches Workshop: Innovative urban design teaching and learning. Presented at the National Conference on Urban Design. 18-20 October, Oxford.

Lim, R., & Azevedo, L. (2012). Urban Design Masterclass: Vibrant spaces. conducted at the National Conference on Urban Design. 18-20 October, Oxford.

Lim, R. (2012). Culture and the Built Environment: Involving anthropology and indigenous / native studies in creating better places.

In Hendry, J. & Fitznor, L. (eds) Anthropologists, Indigenous Scholars and the Research Endeavour: Seeking Bridges Towards Mutual Respect. (pp. 253-269) London: Routledge

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Lim, R. (2008). Tradition as Magic: Involving tradition in the creative process for contemporary architecture. Journal of Research in Architecture and Planning. 7, 1-17

Lim, R. (2006). Cultural Sustainability and Development: Drukpa and Burman vernacular architecture. In Zetter, R. & Watson, (eds.) Designing Sustainable Cities in the Developing World. (pp. 21-49) Hampshire: Ashgate

Areas of expertise

Architecture, urban design, media for pedagogical means and communication

Other experience

Design, development and community: Social enterprise years (1992-1997). Worked in partnership with a fishing community in El Nido, Palawan on a culturally-centred tourism and livelihood project focusing on sustainability and covering issues of environmental, social, economic and political concerns.

Architecture and design practice (984-1992): Manila based practice covering a range of projects from industrial design and architecture.

Bonn Square in Oxford Design as research. Paper on Cultures, Senses and the Built Environment and the Design of Public Spaces developed from the design process. 2012

Marina del Nido Island project which brings together ecological concerns, rural livelihood and tourism before concepts of sustainability in every form became fashionable. 1995. Architecture prize 1996

Pia’s Home Empowering clients by including them in the design and building process. Experiments with 3D modelling to allow clients to comprehend architectural language. Designed with a water collection system for a tropical monsoon climate. 2005

Philipine Art Deco Residence Restoration project. 1990. Nominated for Cultural Preservation Award 1996

Geographical Association Silver Awards 2005 for making better places teaching package <> ‘The resource includes high-quality handouts, photographs, video clips and teachers’ notes. The lesson plans are clear and concise. The video clips are technically friendly and academically reliable, bringing planning and design expertise into the classroom’. P.I. Prof Georgia Butina Watson

Maryknoll College Alumni Achievement Award For a career bridging design, architecture and community development

Ashmolean Travel Prize Winning essay on Living Traditions: Vernacular Art and Architecture of Bhutan: Sustaining a unique cultural heritage vs development and global homogeneity (1999).

Philippine Prize for Architecture from Design & Architecture Awards In recognition for the Marina del Nido project, ‘the product of thorough research into traditional Filipino folk architecture, a successful adaptation of traditional spaces, and the use of many traditional construction methods and materials in a contemporary manner’ (1996)

The Times London; Conde Nast Traveller; Time Magazine Citing Marina del Nido as a top destination blending ecological and environmental concerns with world class accommodation and services (1995 –1996).

The Philippine Star Newspaper #1 in the nationwide survey listing the10 Best Young Architects / Designers (1996)
Nominated for the Cultural Preservation Award by Design & Architecture Awards For the restoration of period
homes (1996)