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Dr George Blumberg

School of the Built Environment

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

George Blumberg

Journal articles

  • Pusceddu C, Blumberg G, Salvalai G, Imperadori M, 'The use of Building Technology to support Disaster Resilience: The case study of Air Shelter House'
    International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment 8 (2) (2017)
    ISSN: 1759-5908 eISSN: 1759-5908
    Abstract Website
  • Blumberg G, 'Assessing the Potential Impact of Heat Waves in Cities: Implications for Hazard Preparation and Planning'
    Procedia Economics and Finance 18 (2014) pp.727-735
    ISSN: 2212-5671 eISSN: 2212-5671
    Abstract Website
  • Allen M, MUTLOW C, BLUMBERG G, CHRISTY J, MCNIDER R, 'Global change detection'
    Nature 370 (1994)
    ISSN: 0028-0836 eISSN: 0028-0836
  • Foreman JW, Wald H, Blumberg G, Pepe LM, Segal S, 'Homocystine uptake in isolated rat renal cortical tubules'
    Metabolism 31 (6) (1982)
    ISSN: 0026-0495 eISSN: 0026-0495