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Mr Jamie Elwin

BA(Hons) Touwn and Country Planning (Manchester), MSc Recreational Land Management (Reading)

Principal Lecturer

School of the Built Environment

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

Jamie Elwin

Tourism Planning

Leisure Planning

Planning for Sport

Modules taught

Leisure Environment

Sport in the Modern City

Sustainable Tourism Planning

Journal articles

  • Zubair S, Bowen D, Elwin J, 'Not quite paradise: inadequacies of environmental impact assessment in the Maldives'
    Tourism Management 32 (2) (2011) pp.225-234
    ISSN: 0261-5177 eISSN: 0261-5177
    Abstract Website


  • ELWIN J, review of Outdoor Recreation and Resource-management - Pigram,j, in Habitat International 10 (1987) pp.293-294
    ISSN: 0197-3975 eISSN: 0197-3975