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Mr Brian Goodey

Associate Lecturer

School of Architecture

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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Journal articles

  • Reeve A, Goodey B, Shipley R, 'Townscape Assessment: the Development of a Practical Tool for Monitoring and Assessing Visual Quality in the Built Environment'
    Urban Morphology 11 (1) (2007) pp.25-41
    ISSN: 1027-4278 eISSN: 1027-4278
  • Shipley R, Reeve A, Walker S, Grover P, Goodey B, 'Townscape Heritage Initiatives Evaluation: Methodology for Assessing the Effectiveness of Heritage Lottery Fund Projects in the United Kingdom'
    Environment and Planning C-government and Policy 22 (4) (2004) pp.523-542
    ISSN: 0263-774X eISSN: 0263-774X
    Abstract Website


  • Goodey B, review of Visions of the City: Utopianism, Power and Politics in Twentieth-century Urbanism, in Planning Perspectives 25 (3) (2010) pp.398-399
    ISSN: 0266-5433 eISSN: 0266-5433
  • Goodey B, review of Roberto Burle Marx in Caracas: Parque Del Este, 1956-1961, in Landscape Research 33 (1) (2008) pp.147-148
    ISSN: 0142-6397 eISSN: 0142-6397
  • Goodey B, review of Unquiet Country: Voices of the Rural Poor, 1820-1880, in Landscape Research 33 (2) (2008) pp.256-258
    ISSN: 0142-6397 eISSN: 0142-6397
  • Goodey B, review of Suburban Sprawl: Culture, Theory, and Politics, in Landscape Research 32 (3) (2007) pp.389-390
    ISSN: 0142-6397 eISSN: 0142-6397

Other publications