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Ms Mary Hancock

Senior Lecturer

School of Architecture

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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Course Chair, MSc in EESB
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Design
Research Associate - OISD:LCB

Teaching interests

Environmental design, thermal performance, daylighting, sustainability in buildings and lifestyle

Research interests and consultancy expertise

Passive design strategies, particularly low cost primary schools

Research projects


  • Low energy, sustainable village hall for Appleford (Dec 2005, tender stage)
  • Environmental adviser to British Council Northern Areas Education Project in Pakistan


Journal articles

  • Stevenson F, Carmona-Andreu I, Hancock M, 'The Usability of Control Interfaces in Low-carbon Housing'
    Architectural Science Review 56 (2013) pp.70-82
    ISSN: 0003-8628 eISSN: 0003-8628
    Abstract Website
  • Humphreys MA, Hancock M, 'Do People Like to Feel Neutral? Exploring the Variation of the Desired Thermal Sensation on the Ashrae Scale'
    Energy and Buildings 39 (7) (2007) pp.867-874
    ISSN: 0378-7788 eISSN: 0378-7788
    Abstract Website

Conference papers

  • Hancock M, 'Design Learning From Case Studies'
    Oxford Conference: a Re-evaluation of Education in Architecture (2008) pp.183-187
    ISBN: 978-1-84564-206-8
    Abstract Website


Examples of recent publications and conference papers

2005 September. First Annual Thermal Comfort meeting, Bath. Paper produced with Rev Prof Michael Humphreys, 'The strange behaviour of the ASHRAE scale' A study of thermal comfort in housing in UK

2005 June. Keynote speaker at Abbotabad Conference, Pakistan. 'Passsive strategies to improve performance of low cost buildings'

2004 Plea Conference paper 'Does building simulation improve building performance?'

2003 'Maintenance Manual for Schools', published in Urdu by NAEP