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Dr Daniela Treveri Gennari

PhD in film Studies at the University of Warwick

Reader in Film Studies - Programme Lead for Film Studies and Digital Media Production

School of Arts

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

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Phone number: 01865-483460


Location: RHB105

Film Studies and Digital Media Production have become hugely dynamic academic areas because of the increasing transformation in the creative world. This transformation requires talented graduates with a whole new set of skills to respond to a fast-moving industry. Our programmes offer the ideal combination of theoretical and technical expertise to prepare students for a career in film, television, and digital media, as well as to pursue further postgraduate studies in these areas.

My role as Programme Lead is to ensure the academic portfolio is in line with the industry requirements, but also that students are offered the best experience to succeed in their ambitions. I am fully committee to pursue this and I work closely to students in Film Studies and Digital Media Production in order to ensure support, academic guidance and opportunities are offered to improve the prospects of our graduates’ career in such a thriving interactive sector.


I am currenlty supervising two PhD students on Memories of cinemagoing in rural Australia and on Film production in post-war Italy. I am also supervising undergraduate and post-graduate dissertation, as well as co-teaching the Special Subject double honours module on the use of Dightal humanities tools to research in Film Studies.

Modules taught

  • Special Subject in Film Studies (on Digital cinema methodologies)


PhD supervision of:

1. Diaspora, Identity and Cinematic Memory in Rural South Australia

2. Modes of film production in 1950s Italy

My area of research is  cinema studies, more specifically film programming, exhibition and reception of popular cinema. I have been working for the last few years on memories of cinema-going in post-war Italy (and Europe) as well as on applied digital humanities tool into film studies.




Research group membership

2016- Present Date: Coordinator of the HoMER Research Network (History of Moviegoing, Exhibition and Reception)

2013-2016 Consultant in a project on ‘The role of Italian cinema in the process of negotiation of the social and religious conflicts of the years 1945-1960’ (funded by the University of Milan and the Ministry for the University and Research).

2013 - Present Date Member of the DICIS – Digital Cinema Studies (funded by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO).

2014- Present Date Editorial Board member of the Journals COGENT (Taylor and Francis) and Schermi

Research grants and awards

  • December 2016:

    Winner of the AHRC Follow-on Funding Impact & Engagement for the project ‘Mapping cinema experience as living knowledge across Italy's generational divide’ (ICAMAP). Role: Principal Investigator.

    September 2016:

    Winner of the RIKSBANKENS JUBILEUMSFOND European Research on the Historical Experience of Cinema Going. Role: Steering Committee member.

    April 2015:

    Winner of the British Academy/Leverhulme Fellowship for the project ‘Mapping European Cinema: a comparative project on cinema-going experiences in the 1950s’. Role: Principal Investigator.

    April 2012:

    Winner of the AHRC Research Grant for the project ‘In Search of Cinema Audiences in 1940s and 1950s Italy’. Role: Principal Investigator.

    April 2011:

    Winner of the British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship for the project ‘In Search of Cinema Audiences in 1940s and 1950s Italy: An Oral History Project in Rome’. Role: Principal Investigator.

Research projects

I am currently:

  • Leading a AHRC Follow on Funding project ICAMAP: Mapping cinema experience as living knowledge across Italy’s generational divide. The funding will enable me, as Principle Investigator of the project working with colleagues from the Universities of Bristol and Exeter, to continue my AHRC funded research on Italian Cinema Audiences, and develop, in collaboration with the Digital Humanities Institute at the University of Sheffiled, a digital archive of all the artefacts collected in the Italian Cinema Audiences project (
  • Leading the British Academy/Leverhulme funded Mapping European Cinema: A Comparative Project on Cinema-Going Experiences in the 1950s( in collaboration with the Universities of Ghent (Belgium) and Leicester (UK).

Further information




  • Treveri Gennari D, Post-war Italian Cinema. American Intervention, Vatican Interests, Taylor & Francis (2010)
    ISBN: 9780415887786

Journal articles

  • Treveri Gennari D, Dibeltulo S, '‘It existed indeed… was all over the papers’: memories of film censorship in 1950s Italy'
    Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies 14 (1) (2017) pp.235-248
    ISSN: 1749-8716 eISSN: 1749-8716
  • Treveri Gennari D, O'Rawe C, Ercole P, 'Mapping Cinema Memories: Emotional Geographies of Cinema-going in Rome in the1950s'
    Memory Studies 10 (1) (2016) pp.63-77
    ISSN: 1750-6980 eISSN: 1750-6980
    Abstract Website
  • Hipkins D, Culhane S, Dibeltulo S, Treveri Gennari D, O’Rawe C, '‘Un mondo che pensavo impossibile’: al cinema in Italia negli anni Cinquanta'
    Cinema e Storia. Rivista di studi interdisciplinari 2016 (2016) pp.215-226
    ISSN: 2281-1729 eISSN: 2281-1729
  • Ercole P, Treveri Gennari D, Dibeltulo S, Van de Vijver L, 'Cinema Heritage in Europe: Preserving and Sharing Culture by Engaging with Film Exhibition and Audiences'
    Alphaville : Journal of Film and Screen Media 11 (Summer 2016) (2016) pp.1-12
    ISSN: 2009-4078 eISSN: 2009-4078
  • Treveri Gennari D, Sedgwick J, 'Memories in context: the social and economic function of cinema in 1950s Rome'
    Film History 27 (2) (2015) pp.76-104
    ISSN: 0892-2160 eISSN: 0892-2160
    Abstract Website
  • Trevari Gennari D, 'If you have seen it, you cannot forget!': Film consumption and memories of cinema-going in 1950s rome'
    Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television 35 (1) (2015) pp.53-74
    ISSN: 0143-9685 eISSN: 0143-9685
    Abstract Website
  • Treveri Gennari D, 'Did Neorealism start in church? Catholicism, cinema and the case of Mario Soldati’s Chi è Dio?'
    New Review of Film and Television Studies 8 (2) (2010) pp.198-217
    ISSN: 1740-0309 eISSN: 1740-0309
    Abstract Website
  • Treveri Gennari D, 'A regional charm: Italian comedy versus Hollywood'
    October 128 (-) (2009) pp.51-68
    ISSN: 0162-2870 eISSN: 0162-2870
    Abstract Website

Book chapters

  • Treveri Gennari D, Dibeltulo S, 'Censorship Italian Style: Catholic policies and programming in 1950s Roman parish cinemas' in Cavallini R (ed.), Requiem for a Nation: Religion and politics in Post-war Italian Cinema, Mimesis International (2016)
    ISBN: 9788869770562
  • Treveri Gennari D, 'Re-picturing the myth: American characters in post-war popular Italian cinema' in The Long Aftermath, Berghahn Books (2015)
    ISBN: 978-1-78238-153-2
  • Treveri Gennari D, 'Catholicism and Neorealism: Zavattini's contribution to Universalia-produced Prima Comunione (Blasetti, 1950)' in Beyond Catholicism: Heresy, Mysticism, and Apocalypse in Italian Culture, Palgrave Macmillan (2013)
    ISBN: 9781137342027
  • Treveri Gennari D, 'Blessed cinema: state and catholic censorship in post-war Italy' in Silencing cinema: film censorship around the world, Palgrave Macmillan (2013)
    ISBN: 9780230340800
  • Treveri Gennari D, 'Forbidden pleasures: catholicism and women in post war cinema in italy' in Italy on screen: national identity and italian imaginary, Peter Lang (2010)
    ISBN: 9783039114160
  • RURAL CINEMA EXHIBITION AND AUDIENCES IN A GLOBAL CONTEXT(Palgrave, forthcoming 2017) with Danielle Hipkins and Catherine O’Rawe.


Cinema and mental health- the impact of film-viewing on memory to be presented at the Medical Humanities Conference in Oxford (1st November 2017)

Press, publicity and reviews

Other publicity

Public Engagement Event SAPORE DI SALE organised in Bari (Italy)
This video - created by Massimo Ruggiero, from the Sapore di Sale's team, shows the public engagement event organised by Francesco Maggiore e Silvia Sivo, in collaboration with the European Cinema Audiences' team: a journey through the  abandoned cinema theatres in Bari's working class district Libertà, once the centre of film culture.
The national newspaper La Repubblica reports on its TV channel on the public engagement event Sapore di Sale.

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