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Dr Tim Marshall

emeritus professor

School of the Built Environment

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

Tim Marshall

Phone number: 01865 483931


Location: AB 213 Abercrombie Building

I have been an Emeritus Professor since the end of 2016.  I continue researching and writing, and supervising doctoral students.

My main areas of research are on the larger scales of planning, at city region, regional and national levels, both in the UK and in parts of Europe, particularly France, Germany and Spain. This is related to continuing work on big infrastructure systems and their planning, including in relation to the work of the UK National Infrastructure Commission. 

This is understood within the tradition of political economy, where the links are made with social science disciplines, particularly political science and political economy.

As an originally practising local authority planner in English metropolitan contexts, I continue to link this back to the work of practising strategic planners, with some continuing knowledge of what is happening in Southern and Midlands England

Journal articles

  • Marshall T, 'Learning from France: Using public deliberation to tackle infrastructure planning issues'
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    Abstract Website
  • Marshall T, 'Infrastructure futures and spatial planning: Lessons from France, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK'
    Progress in Planning 89 (2014) pp.1-38
    ISSN: 0305-9006 eISSN: 0305-9006
    Abstract Website
  • Marshall T, 'The European Union and Major Infrastructure Policies: The Reforms of the Trans-European Networks Programmes and the Implications for Spatial Planning'
    European Planning Studies 22 (7) (2014) pp.1484-1506
    ISSN: 0965-4313 eISSN: 0965-4313
    Abstract Website
  • Marshall T, 'Infrastructure planning UK style'
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  • Marshall T, 'After Structure Planning: the New Sub-regional Planning in England'
    European Planning Studies 15 (1) (2007) pp.107-132
    ISSN: 0965-4313 eISSN: 0965-4313
    Abstract Website
  • Imrie R, Thomas H, Marshall T, 'Business Organizations, Local Dependence and the Politics of Urban-renewal in Britain'
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