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Dr Michael Stubbs

School of the Built Environment

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

Michael Stubbs

Journal articles

  • Ng'ombe A, Keivani R, Stubbs M, Mattingly M, 'Participatory approaches to land reform in Zambia: potentials and challenges'
    Environment and Planning A 44 (8) (2012) pp.1785-1800
    ISSN: 0308-518X eISSN: 0308-518X
    Abstract Website
  • Stubbs M, 'Natural green space and planning policy: Devising a model for its delivery in regional spatial strategies'
    Landscape Research 33 (1) (2008) pp.119-139
    ISSN: 0142-6397 eISSN: 0142-6397
    Abstract Website
  • Pearce B, Stubbs M, 'The Role of Mediation in the Settlement of Planning Disputes at Appeal: the Debate and Research Agenda'
    Environment and Planning A 32 (2000) pp.1335-1358
    ISSN: 0308-518X eISSN: 0308-518X