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Dr Bridget Durning


Senior Lecturer and Faculty Ethics Officer

School of the Built Environment

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

Bridget Durning

Phone number: 01865 482845


Location: Headington Campus

Dr Bridget Durning is an academic, sustainability and impact assessment specialist. Bridget is Senior Lecturer in Environmental Assessment and Management at Oxford Brookes University, and teaches on the undergraduate Planning programmes and Masters in Environmental Assessment and Management (MSc EAM) as well as delivering continuing professional development (CPD) short courses in impact assessment to practitioners and decision makers. Bridget is Director of the IAU (impacts assessment) research group in the School of the Built Environment: the IAU undertakes externally funded research and consultancy projects relating to environmental and social impact appraisal.

Bridget is also Research Ethics Officer for the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment (TDE) and sits on the University Research Ethics Committee.

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Assessment and Management


Modules taught

U37705 Environmental Sustainability

P38037 Environmental Management Systems

P38303 Principles of Environmental Assessment and Management


Supervisor for UG and PGT dissertations

PhD supervisor 

Research interests and consultancy expertise

My research interests are in:
- environmental and social impact assessment and management – their relation, interconnection and the tools, policies and procedures to support the connection;
- the interaction between science and policy, particularly earth sciences and development policy and implementation;
- skills and knowledge development in professionals.

Please contact me if you are also interested in research in these areas.

I also undertake consultancy work in peer reviewing Environmental Statements for local planning authorities.

Research group membership

Member of the IAU research group based in the School of the Built Environment 

Research grants and awards

  • 'The Effect of Offshore Wind on the Human Environment' 
  • 'Cumulative Effects Assessment Mini Review' funded by Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) - link to report on NERC website
  • 'Accounting for Carbon in Environmental Impact Assessment' funded by Oxford Brookes Central Research Fund and Santander Scholarship
  • 'Professional Knowledge Development for Sustainable Communities' funded by Royal Town Planning Institute
  • 'Skills Base in the Planning System' funded by  Local Government Authority (LGA)


Research projects

 Examples of past research and consultancy projects:

  • Audit and Enhancement of Undergraduate Research Based Activities in the School of the Built Environment (Fellowship of the  Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate Research
  • Comparison of UK and USA planning skills (with Erik Ferguson, Sharjah University, UAE)
  • Skills Base in the Planning System (with John Glasson) for LGA/ODPM
  • Planning Skills in Scotland (with Heriot Watt University) for Improvement Agency
  • Professional Knowledge Development for Sustainable Communities (with John Glasson, Juliet Carpenter and Georgia Butina Watson) for Royal Town Planning Institute
  • Survey of latent accommodation, Hinckley Point C socio-economic impact study (with John Glasson)
  • Socio-economic study of Wheatley Campus for Oxford Brookes University (with John Glasson through Oxford Economic Observatory)
  • CL:AIRE (Contaminated Land: Application in Real Environments) Sustainable Remediation Forum member and consultee on development of Sustainable Framework for the Remediation of Contaminated Land
  • Peer review of research reports in Waste and Resources programme for DEFRA
  • End-state public consultation of JET (Joint European Torus) site at Culham, Oxfordshire for UKAEA (with John Glasson and Tom Elsworth)
  • Thames Gateway Evidence Review for ODPM (with Georgia Butina Watson, Juliet Carpenter, Alan Reeve, Sue Brownill)
  • Linking Teaching with Research and Consultancy in Planning, Land and Property Management and Building (with Roger Zetter and Alan Jenkins at Oxford Brookes, Nick Bailey at Westminster University, Ron Griffiths at University of West of England and Pat Turrell at Sheffield Hallam University) for HEFCE


Further information

IAU Oxford Brookes website

LinkedIn profile - Bridget Durning

Research Gate profile - Bridget Durning


  • Perdicoulis A, Durning B, Palframan L, Furthering environmental impact assessment: towards a seamless connection between EIA and EMS, Edward Elgar Publishing (2012)
    ISBN: 9780857933270

Journal articles

  • Durning B, 'Benefits of coupling environmental assessment and environmental management to aid disaster risk reduction and management'
    Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management 16 (3) (2014)
    ISSN: 1464-3332 eISSN: 1464-3332
    Abstract Website
  • Watkins J, Durning B, 'Carbon definitions and typologies in environmental impact assessment: greenhouse gas confusion?'
    Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal 30 (4) (2012) pp.296-301
    ISSN: 1461-5517 eISSN: 1461-5517
    Abstract Website
  • Durning B, Glasson J, 'Delivering the planning system in England: skills' capacity constraints'
    Town Planning Review 77 (4) (2007) pp.457-484
    ISSN: 0041-0020 eISSN: 0041-0020
    Abstract Website
  • Durning B, 'Challenges in the recruitment and retention of professional planners in English planning authorities'
    Planning Practice and Research 22 (1) (2007) pp.95-110
    ISSN: 0269-7459 eISSN: 0269-7459
  • Temple M, Durning B, 'Learning from LINK'
    Brookes eJournal of Learning and Teaching 1 (1) (2004)
    ISSN: 1744-7747 eISSN: 1744-7747
    Abstract Website

Membership of professional bodies

Chartered Geologist and Fellow of the Geological Society of London

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of the International Association for Impact Assessment (Treasurer of the Ireland/Uk Branch)

Member of the National Infrastructure Planning Association (NIPA)



Convenor and Session Chair - 

IAIA Special Symposium (2016)  Water and Impact Assessment: Investment, Infrastructure, Legacy
Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) ǀ Lincoln, England, United Kingdom 1 - 2 September 2016

Conference papers

Durning B (2017) Cumulative effects assessment of offshore windfarms - an exploration of UK practice Paper presented to the Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), Montreal, Canada, April

Durning B and Broderick M (2017) fostering collaboration in EIA to deliver stakeholder consensus – UK perspective. Paper presented to the Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), Montreal, Canada, April

Allen J and Durning B (2015) EIA and Nationally Significant Infrastructure.  Presentation to the IEMA EIA & ESIA Masterclass, 3rd November, London (invited speaker – joint presentation with Jon Allen of RoyalHaskoningDHV)

Durning B (2015) EIA and Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs).  Presentation to RTPI West Midlands Event ‘EIA: A changing environment’.  Birmingham, UK, 24th June.

Durning B (2014) ‘Development of normative values for assessing cumulative environmental impacts of marine renewable energy projects currently within the planning system’. Annual UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference, Oxford, UK, 9-11th September.

Durning B (2013) Climate Change and EIA. ‘Celebrating 25years of EIA in the UK’ Annual Conference of Ireland/UK Branch of International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), University of Liverpool, 10th June

Durning B (2012) Furthering environmental assessment through continuing assessment into management as an aid to integrating disaster risk reduction measures into development Japan-UK Joint Workshop: ‘Policy Integration between Environmental Assessment and Disaster Management’ Chiba University of Commerce, Ichikawa, Japan, 30th November – 3rd December

Durning B and Broderick M (2012) Reflection on Appreciative Inquiry as a Possible Tool for Effective Public Participation in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)Development Studies Association Annual Conference, 3rd November 2012, London

Durning B (2012) 'Carbon counting and EIA process'. Paper presented at 32nd Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) Energy Future: The Role of Impact Assessment Porto, Portugal, 27 May – 1st June

Broderick, M. Durning, B. and Ferguson, D. (2010) 'Equator principles and the minerals industry'. Paper presented at 30th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) The role of impact assessment in transitioning to the green economy Geneva, Switzerland, 6-11th April

Durning, B. and Broderick, M. (2010) 'Follow-up in ESIA as an aid to greening economies'. Paper presented at 30th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) The role of impact assessment in transitioning to the green economy Geneva, Switzerland, 6-11th April

Durning, B. (2009) 'Developing undergraduate research opportunities to deliver responsible global citizens'. Paper presented at the 15th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference – Taking up the Global Challenge Utrecht University, Netherlands, 5-8th July

Broderick, M., Durning, B. and Glasson, J. (2007) 'Environmental Impact Assessment for Decommissioning Regulations 1999 (EIADR99): A review of the implementation of the Regulations in Great Britain'. UK Decommissioning and Waste Management Conference Penrith, Cumbria, September

Non-refereed conference/seminar papers

Durning, B. (2011) 'The Spiral of Knowledge Development' Future of the Planning Discipline Conference, Oxford, May

Durning, B. (2009) 'Researching research-based learning'. School of the Built Environment,Oxford Brookes University Breakfast Research Seminar Series

Durning, B. and Ferguson, E. (2009) 'UK and US planning Skills – a comparative study'. UK and Ireland Planning Research Conference, 1-3rd April, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Durning, B. Broderick, M. Ferguson, D. and Evans, S. (2008) 'Impact of the Equator Principles on EIA practice – implications for improving practice in UK and Ireland'. IAIA Ireland-UK Branch Event, 4th December, Oxford

Durning, B. (2007) 'Skills and knowledge development in planning professionals'. School of the Built Environment, Oxford Brookes University Breakfast Research Seminar Series

Durning, B. (2007) 'Strategic EMS – a future governance and legislative tool?' IEMA EMS National Forum, London, November

Durning, B. (2007) 'Making spaces in a flux: do planners in English planning authorities have the skills and knowledge capacity to do it?' Planning Research Conference, Heriot Watt University, April

Durning, B. (2003) 'The Teaching/Research Interface – Lessons from Project LINK' LTSN Subject Centre for Education (ESCALATE) Heads of Department Forum

Durning, B. (2003) 'The role of the professional in planning education' Planning Research Conference, Oxford

Other experience

Founding Director (2013) of CSAT (Cheney School Academy Trust renamed Community Schools Alliance Trust in 2017).  Involved in school governance in Oxford since 2001. 

Prior to joining Oxford Brookes in 2000 I spent ten years working in environmental consultancy and local government

Further information

Twitter - @eam_oxfbrookes