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Dr Igea Troiani

PhD, BArch (Hons), BAppSc, Registered Architect ARB (Aust)

Senior Lecturer in Architecture

School of Architecture

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

Igea Troiani

Phone number: +447881486099


Location: Oxford

Cultural Context lead for BA (Part 1) and MArch (Part 2)

Design Studio (DS1) lead (Year 2 MArchD)

Specialisation lead for Research-led Design (Year 1 MArchD)

Lead of Design Theory Practice Research group

P30026 Research Methods for Design (Year 1 MArchD Part 2)

P30035 Research-led Design I (Year 1 MArchD Part 2)

P30036 Research-led Design II (Year 1 MArchD Part 2)

Design Studio lead for DS1 P30034 & P30037 (Year 2 MArchD Part 2)

U30007 Introduction to Architectural History and Theory (Year 1 BA Part 1) - Guest lecturer

U30025 Issues in Architectural History and Theory (Year 2 BA Part 1) - Guest lecturer

U30099 Dissertation (Year 3 BA Part 1)- Dissertation supervisor

PhD supervisor

Modules taught

U30007 Introduction to Architectural History and Theory (Module leader from 2005-6 to 2014-15)


Areas of PhD supervision expertise: Practice-based design research; Film and Architecture; Gender and architecture; the social production of architecture, Neoliberalism and architectural labour, Unfinished buildings.

Rory Kilalea, "Zimbabwe: 1950-2000 a Narrative in Search of a Voice", Director of Studies: Dr Alison Kahn, Second supervisor: Dr Igea Troiani (candidate started September 2016)

Amnard Pimmarsi, “Our Thai Community" Director of Studies: Dr Alison Kahn, Second supervisor: Dr Igea Troiani (candidate started January 2016)

Andrea Placidi, "The Legacy of Bruno Zevi, Toward a Modern Design Methodology for Architecture, A comparative study of contemporary non-linear Arts' Museums" (Completed 2016)

Dr Iliana Miranda-Zacarias, "Standard and Non-standard: A Study of the Historical Development and Evaluation of the Present-day Performance of Primary School Architecture in Mexico” (Completed 2012)


My current research is in three areas of architectural humanities: 1) the exploration and use of new modes of architectural scholarship beyond the solely textual, in particular audio-/visual methods of research in architectural theory, history and practice; 2) the social production of architecture culture and its relationship to the feminisation (and diversification) of the architectural profession; and, related to both of these, 3) alternative pedagogical and spatio-temporal practices of writing, ‘drawing’ and designing that explore architecture’s relationship with nature, capital, neoliberalism and labour. My research is built upon multi-disciplinary knowledge gained from visual culture studies, film production, sociology, gender studies, political science and economics and seeks to extend the limits of current architectural education, practice and publishing.

New Modes of Architectural Scholarship

I am currently editing two books, Visual Research Methods in Architecture and Architecture Filmmaking (both to be published by Intellect, 2018). These books develop from my involvement in Architecture and Culture (Taylor & Francis) which I founded while Chair of the Architectural Humanities Research Association, 2009-2012 (AHRA) and for which I remain an editor-in-chief. Architecture and Culture publishes exploratory research from architects, artists and urban designers, filmmakers, animators and poets, historians of culture and architecture, geographers, anthropologists and other social scientists, that is purposively imaginative rigorously speculative, visually and verbally stimulating. It opens up a new territory of audio-/visual publication for architectural scholars that values multi-sensorial readings of architectural knowledge.

I write ‘theory as film’ and have made, since 2004, and continue to make, short films and documentaries under my independent production company Caryatid Films as research outputs. I have been invited as a keynote to speak about visual methods of research at the University of Sheffield (April 2016), University of West England (May 2015) and Copenhagen Film Festival (March 2015). I initiated, framed and led the conference session ‘Redefining Architectural Scholarship through Visual Methodologies’ at the fourth Annual meeting of the All-Ireland Architecture Research Group (AIARG) in Dublin (January 2015) and the ‘Connecting Narratives: Film as Research’ Symposium, OBU, Oxford (July 2015). 

The Social Production of Architecture

Grounded in the lesser-known work by Jacques Derrida entitled the Politics of Friendship (1997), my initial research was the writing of a multi-disciplinary, gender-balanced and visual history of modern architecture from 1949 to 1987 understood through the lens of the social stratification and differentiation of friends and enemies (PhD, 2005). Because I am a female architectural practitioner (I am a founding member of the Oxford based practice, Original Field of Architecture Ltd. since 2008 and have practiced in Germany and Melbourne and Brisbane) and a mother of two, I am attentive to the issue of how the discipline of architecture responds to the feminisation and diverse needs of its workforce. My edited book, The Politics of Making (2007), is the outcome of my leading the conference committee for the 3rd Annual AHRA International Conference, (Oxford, 2006) of the same title. It expanded earlier research themes of collaborative, interdisciplinary practice from a social perspective.

From 2003-2005 I was a member of the Executive Committee and Secretary of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia & New Zealand (SAHANZ) and co-organised the SAHANZ Conference (Brisbane 2002) entitled ‘Additions to Architectural History’ in which I instigated and chaired the session, ‘Gender and Architectural History’.

I have made two films that explore visual research on women as producers in the architectural and construction workforce, Illegal Architect (2013) and Sara Murray: A Woman Contractor (2015). Illegal Architect was screened at the ‘Gender, Work and Organisations 8th Biennial International Interdisciplinary conference, Keele (June 2014) and the Copenhagen Film Festival (March 2015). As a consequence of the Keele screening I was invited as keynote speaker to the FWSA conference ‘Everyday Encounters with Violence: Critical Feminist Perspectives’ at the University of Leeds, School of Geography (September 2015). I have been interviewed on the radio on ‘the changing roles of women in architecture’ and am currently writing a manuscript entitled Work-life Balance in Architecture. Referring to Judith’s Butler’s writings on the performativity of gender, the book examines how an architect’s life has gendered limits due to how architecture is produced socially, inside and outside, the university and the architectural office. I contend the most disadvantaged students and architectural practitioners are working parents, particularly mothers, who are always compromised due to gender stigmatisation and being torn between work and home life obligations. I am drawn to research that intersects studies in sociology with architecture to better understand the current sociology of architecture, in order to construct new diverse and multifarious images of architects that embrace difference.

Architecture, Nature, Neoliberalism and Labour

This line of research has emerged through my design studio teaching and extends from my (and my studio teaching partner, Andrew Dawson’s) challenge to two positions: 1) that sustainable research in architecture is mostly limited to quantitative, non-aesthetic and non-experimental research; and 2) the potential for reuse of post-industrial and incomplete buildings (architecturally designed or not). I am concerned with the ethical space that architects' are now limited to practice within, obliged to obey regulations and green standards to satisfy, ironically, neoliberal capitalist motives of spatial and economic development.

I have always been interested in the ‘as found’. In the studios I led in Australia, prior to moving to the UK, I often used sites that were significant to local indigenous communities. When I moved to Oxford Brookes I studied neglected post-industrial sites in Northern England including the Clipstone Colliery. Beginning in 2009 the research centred on using ecological science-fiction novels to generate inventive and imaginative modes of socially responsible rural and urban development. From that work I published pedagogical journal articles in The Journal of Architectural Education (March 2013) and arq: Architectural Research Quarterly (December 2012) and curated a public exhibition entitled, The “Sci-fi Eco-Architecture” exhibition in London (January 2011). The research has since expanded into how we consume the exotic through our insatiable longing for global travel and what architecture might be able to do to compensate for our excessive consumption of culture through the rise in low-cost flight travel. That research was exhibited publicly in Oxford at The Old Fire Station gallery (February - March 2013) and was reviewed, out of public interest, by The Oxford Culture Review (February 2013).

The most recent tangent of this research on Architecture, Nature, Neoliberalism and Labour is a series of practice-based design studios on unfinished buildings. Starting with the 2014-15 studio ‘Unfinished Athens’ the research moved to ‘Unfinished Madrid’ (2015-16) and “Unfinished Cuba’ in 2016-17. This research has resulted in a mode of producing moving international exhibitions as research outputs. The exhibition “Unfinished Athens” was first exhibited in Oxford, then London (June 2015) and in June 2016 will move to Athens. The Unfinished building research uses audio-/visual methods of research done through extensive fieldwork studies to uncover social and environmental issues and possibilities that can regenerate landscapes and communities who have suffered from economic and social crises. The design led research is socially and community driven and the mode of exhibiting research findings and design solutions through exhibition with published catalogue books aims for maximize national and international publics.

Research group membership

Architecture Humanities Research Association (AHRA) - Steering group member since 2006, formerly chair from 2009-2012, membership secretary from 2007-2009.

Design Theory Practice Research Group (OBU)

Place Culture Identity Research group (OBU)

Research grants and awards

2016 Oxford Brookes University (OBU) Research Excellence Award 2017-18 (£10,000)

2016 OBU funding for research on 'Unfinished buildings' (£10,000)

2015 International award from The Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) Best New Journal Award 2014 for editorial work on Architecture and Culture. Awards ceremony, 8 January 2015, Vancouver Convention Centre West. The ceremony was part of the MLA conference.

2015 OBU funding to fund travelling ‘Unfinished Athens’ exhibition (£1000)

2015 OBU Central Research Fund. To co-organise a one-day international symposium entitled ‘Connecting Narratives: Film as Research’ (£2500)

2015 Aurora 2015-16 Programme (£1000)

2010 The Centre for Education in the Built Environment (CEBE) Case Study funding for 'Model Making as a mode of learning Modern Architectural History' (£1,000)

2008 Institute of Historical and Cultural Research (IHRC) Funding for Research Groups (OBU). Project title: DOSSier ‘Colour, Meaning and Space’ symposium (£2,000)

2008 Institute of Historical and Cultural Research (IHRC) Funding for Research Groups (OBU). Project title: DOSSier ‘Violence and Space’ symposium (£2,000)

2004 David Saunders Founder’s Grant for research into Australian architectural history ($Aus 5,000)

Research projects

Revitalising Unfinished Athens

Women and the Making of the Crystal Palace

Research impact

Films as Research outputs:

Short Film

Troiani, I. 2013. Illegal Architect. Director, Writer and Producer: I. Troiani; Editor: A. Robinson; Costume designer: A. Bois d’Enghien; Lead actors: S. Linin and S. Orange; VFX Supervisor and Designer: K. Welz. Produced by Caryatid Films.


Troiani, I. 2015. Sara Murray: A Woman Contractor. Director, Producer, Researcher, Writer: I. Troiani; Cinematographer: A. Robinson; Sound recordist: H. Durham. Produced by Caryatid Films.

Troiani, I. 2010. House after Two Years of Living. Director: I. Troiani; Cinematographer: C. Sweeney; Editors: I. Troiani and C. Sweeney.

Troiani, I. 2005. Conrad Gargett Architecture. Director, Researcher, Narrator, Writer: I. Troiani; Cinematographer: S. Charles; Editors: I. Troiani and S. Charles.

Troiani, I. 2004. Building Mayne Hall. Director, Research, Narrator, Writer: I. Troiani; Cinematographer and Music composer: S. Charles; Editors: I. Troiani and S. Charles.

Film Screenings and Participation in Q&A film screening sessions:

2017 Invited to be part of panel discussion after screening of the Jane Jacobs documentary Citizen Jane at the Ultimate Picture Palace (UPP), Oxford on 21 June 2017. Other panel members include: Becky Hallsmith, Sue Brownill (Urban designer), Annie Skinner and Rachel Barbaresi. Invitation from Tom Jowlett from UPP.

2017 Introduction to film screening of Unfinished Spaces and interviewer for Q&A with the Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Her Excellency Comrade Teresita Vincente Sotolongo on Thursday 2 March 2017 in the John Henry Brookes Lecture Theatre, OBU.

2015 Conference screening of Illegal Architect at FWSA conference as part of my keynote address on 9 September 2015 at Stage@Leeds, University of Leeds.

2015 Public screening of Illegal Architect at Copenhagen Film Festival at 10.30am on 19 March 2015 at the Gloria Biograf (cinema) & Café, Rädhuspladsen 59, 1550 Copenhagen.

2014 Conference Screening of Sara Murray: A Woman Contractor at the 11th AHRA International Conference “Industries of Architecture” at 10am on 15 November 2015 in the Great North Museum, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne.

2014 Conference screening of Illegal Architect at Gender, Work and Organisation 8th Biennial International Interdisciplinary conference at 4.30pm on 25 June 2014 in the Senior Common Room, Keele Hall, Keele.

2013 Public screening of Illegal Architect at 8pm on 21 September 2013 in Screen 1 at the Phoenix Picturehouse, 57 Walton St, Oxford.

2010 Conference screening of House after Two Years of Living at the 7th Annual AHRA International Conference ‘Scale’, University of Kent, Canterbury.

2004 Conference screening of Building Mayne Hall at the 1st Annual AHRA International Conference ‘Critical Architecture’, The Bartlett, University College London.

2004 Public screening of Conrad Gargett Architecture as part of the ‘Conrad Gargett Architecture 12 Decades of Design’ Exhibition at the QUT Art Museum, Brisbane.

Exhibitions as Research outputs: 

2017 'Unfinished Cuba', in Glass Tank at Oxford Brookes University 26 May-9 June 2017. Accompanying exhibition book catalogue entitled Unfinished Cuba edited by Troiani, I. 2017 available at: Blurb. Log into Blurb, then go to bookshop,

2016 'Unfinished Madrid', 3rd floor of Abercrombie building, Oxford Brookes University 28 May-8 June 2016. 

2015 'Unfinished Athens' in Glass Tank at Oxford Brookes University 29 May-10 June 2015; then 43 Gransden Avenue, London E8 3QA 12-19 June; then to the Spyropouleio Cultural Centre, 1 Agias Sofias Street, Faros Psychikou, 154 51 Neo Psychiko, Attica, Athens from Friday 17 June to 26 June 2016. Accompanying exhibition book catalogue entitled Unfinished Athens ed. I. Troiani, 2016 available at: Blurb. Log into Blurb, then go to bookshop,

2015 Catwalk Design Research Show of Costumes of 'Famous Buildings in Architectural History' modelled, crafted and made by Year 1 BArch students on Tuesday 14 April 2015, 4th floor, Abercrombie building the School of Architecture OBU. I curated the show with Tom Linzey, Jack Young, Amy Johnson, Shi Ying Teo, Craig Ross, Hilton Murrell.

2013 ‘Consuming the Exotic: Young architect-tourists in Turkey’. Andrew Dawson and I curated the exhibition. It ran from the 8 February - 1 March 2013 in The Old Fire Station, 40 George Street, Oxford.

Review of exhibition, 'Consuming the Exotic” by Leah Broad, The Oxford Culture Review on 19 February 2013.

2012 ‘The Design Research Exhibition’. It ran from 24 - 29 February 2012 at Fusion Arts in Oxford. I curated the exhibition with the Design Research students.

2011 'Sci-fi Eco-Architecture' exhibition was held in the ‘Green Room’ Gallery at Chetwoods Architects at 12-13 Clerkenwell Green, London. It ran from 4 - 28 January 2011 and was open to the public. The exhibition showcased the work by students done while in the architectural design studios which I co-tutored with Andrew Dawson and Esther Rivas-Adrover. The exhibition with curated by Igea Troiani and Astrid Bois d’Enghien.

2004 The ‘Conrad Gargett Architecture 12 Decades of Design’ exhibition at the QUT Art Museum, Brisbane curated by Igea Troiani.

Review of the exhibition by: Douglas Neale, "Conrad Gargett Architecture: 12 decades of design", Architecture Australia (September 2005): 34.



Journal articles

  • Troiani I, Kahn A, 'Film as Architectural Theory'
    Architecture and Culture 4 (3) (2016) pp.485-498
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  • Troiani I, 'An architectural genogram: writing architectural history based on the transfer of social capital'
    International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 5 (7) (2010) pp.347-364
    ISSN: 1833-1882 eISSN: 1833-1882
    Abstract Website

Book chapters

Other publications

Areas of expertise

Architectural design, history and theory of modern architecture

Membership of professional bodies

Journal editor:

2016 to date. Member of Advisory Board for Peer Review of Multimedia Ebooks and Education Apps for Moving By Design Press

2009-2012 Chair of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA)

2010 to date. Founder and Lead editor-in-chief of Architecture and Culture and Chair of the Architecture and Culture Journal Committee 

2006 to date:  Steering Group member of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA); Membership secretary from 2007-2009


2015 Member of the jury for The Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ). Best New Journal Award 2015 – December 2015.

2006 Member of jury for R.I.B.A. President’s Medals Student Awards – Dissertation Medal.

External Examiner: 

2011-2015 External Examiner, MA Architectural Design Programme at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

2011-2015 External Examiner, MA Urban Design Programme at the School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

2007-2011 External Examiner, Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD), Birmingham City University


2007 to date. Book proposal reviewer for Ashgate and Routledge, journal proposal reviewer for Bloomsbury and Routledge, peer reviewer for Architectural Theory Review, field journal, arq, The Journal of Architecture, environments, a peer reviewer for Architectural Theory Review, field journal, arq, The Journal of Architecture, environments, Architecture and Culture. In 2016: Referee of abstracts for AHRA conferences. Referee of journal articles for Architectural Theory Review (April 2016).

2011-17 Design guest juror for Part 2 Architecture programmes at: University College Dublin April 2011 and the University of Westminster from 2014-2017.


2016 Invited keynote address: for the launch of the newly created research network entitled “Critical Visualization”, and funded by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities ( at the University of Oxford, 13 December 2016. Invited by network convenors: Dr Segolene Tarte and Dr Pip Willcox. Current members come from interdisciplinary fields as varied as Classics, History of Art, Museums studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Computer Science, Physics, Clinical Neurosciences, Continuing Education, Digital Humanities to cite but a few. My keynote was entitled "Neoliberal Visualisations in Architecture".

2016 Conference presentation: 13th Annual AHRA International Conference “Architecture & Feminisms: Ecologies, Economies and Technologies”, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden 17-19 November 2016. My paper was entitled "Academic Capitalism in Architecture Schools: A Feminist critique of Universities shifting to Businesses"

2016 Invited speaker: for the annual lecture series by the 'Place Culture and Identity' research group. The free public lecture was entitled "Unfinished Buildings: Design Activism in Athens" in the Hub, Abercrombie Building (3rd floor), OBU, 28 September 2016.

2016 Keynote address: AHRA PhD Student conference, University of Sheffield, Sheffield School of Architecture, April 7, 2016. Troiani, I. and S. Ewing, ‘Visual Methodologies in Architectural Research’

2015 Conference presentation: 12th Annual AHRA International Conference “This Thing Called Theory”, Leeds Beckett University, 19-21 November 2015. Troiani, I. and A. Kahn, ‘Theory as Film’

2015 Invited Speaker: at University of Manchester on 16 November 2015. Invitation from Raymond Lucas, Head of the School of Architecture. Troiani, I. ‘Interdisciplinary Filmmaking Methods for Architectural Design’

2015 Interview: as FSWA (Feminist and Women’s Studies Association) Keynote entitled ‘Establishing ‘her’ Space in the University by using Film in Research: an Interview with Igea Troiani’ by Lotika Singha at OBU, 7 October 2015. Published in FSWA newsletter.

2015 Keynote address: FWSA conference ‘Everyday Encounters with Violence: Critical Feminist Perspectives’, University of Leeds, School of Geography, September 9-11th, 2015. Troiani, I. ‘His House, Our House, Her House’

2015 Keynote speaker: at ‘Design Research Symposium’ on 7 May 2015 at University of West England, Bristol. Invitation from Jonathan Mosley. Troiani, I. ‘Design (of What) as a Method of Architectural Research?’

2015 Conference presentation: The European Academy of Design (EAD 11) Conference, Paris Descartes University, Paris, College of Arts, Paris & Boulogne sur Seine, France, 22-24 April 2015. Theme: The Value of Design Research. Troiani, I. and S. Ewing, ‘New Architectural Criticism: How to separate the Wheat from the Chaff”.

2015 Conference presentation: ‘Fashioning Professionals’ – A Symposium on the Historical and Contemporary Representation of Cultural and Creative Professions, Research Department, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 27 March 2015. Troiani, I. and N. Stead, ‘The Apparel of Architecture: Dress, Image and Identity’.

2015 Invited Speaker: at Copenhagen Architecture Film Festival ‘CAFx Relations Seminar’ 19-22 March 2015. Troiani, I.  "The Interdisciplinary Landscape of Architecture Filmmaking".

2015 Radio interview on Oxford Brookes University Radio about ‘The Changing Roles of Women in Architecture” The podcast is online.

2015 Session Chair for and Conference presentation in Session ‘Redefining Architectural Scholarship through Visual Methodologies’ at fourth Annual meeting of the All-Ireland Architecture Research Group (AIARG), Dublin, 30-31 January 2015. Troiani, I. and S. Ewing, ‘Visual Methodologies in Architecture’.

2014 Conference presentation: 11th Annual AHRA International Conference “Industries of Architecture”, Newcastle University, 13-15 November 2014. Troiani, I. ‘Sara Murray: A Woman Contractor’.

2014 Conference presentation: Gender, Work and Organisation 8th Biennial International Interdisciplinary conference, 24th – 26th June 2014, Keele University. Stream title: Methodologies for studying gendered creativity. Troiani, I. ‘(Illegal)Architecture: A (Filmic) Place for Women’.

2014 Conference presentation: Architectural Research by Design (ARbD’14) Conference, Lisbon, 8-9 May 2014. Troiani, I. and T. Carless, ‘Architectural Design Research through Cinematic Collage’.

2012 Conference presentation: 9th Annual AHRA International Conference, London Metropolitan University; ‘Architecture and the Paradox of Dissidence’, 15-17 November 2012. Troiani, I. ‘Illegal Architect: Dissidence on Film’.

2012 Conference presentation: Design Research Network (DRN) 2012 Conference, Loughborough University, September 2012. Troiani, I. and T. Carless, ‘Drawing as Discourse: Home and Island analysis of two sets of Architectural Research Drawings’.

2012 Conference Keynote address: 9th AHRA Research Student Conference. 19-20 May 2012, Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. It was organised by Quazi Mahtab Zaman. Theme: ‘Emerging Boundaries of Research Principles and Praxis’ This event has led on to my collaboration with Zaman on Changing Principles and Praxis in Urban Research.

2010 Conference presentation: 7th Annual AHRA International Conference, University of Kent in Canterbury, ‘Scale’. Troiani, I. ‘Complex Ordinariness in Oxford: House After Two Years of Living’.

2009 Invited speaker: Docomomo Germany symposium, University of Karlsruhe; ‘Potentials of modern movement architectural heritage – an international exchange’.

2008 Conference presentation: 10th International Docomomo Conference, Rotterdam; ‘The Challenge of Change’.

2008 Conference presentation: 25th Annual Conference of SAHANZ, Geelong, Australia; ‘History in Practice’.

2007 Conference presentation: 4th Annual AHRA International Conference, London; ‘Architecture, Urbanism and Curatorship’.

2007 Conference presentation: ‘Quality’: An International Architecture Conference, Welsh School of Architecture, The University of Cardiff.

2006 Conference presentation: 3rd Annual AHRA International Conference, Oxford; ‘The Politics of Making’. As well as organising this conference, I also delivered a conference paper.

2005 Conference presentation: 22nd Annual Conference of SAHANZ, Napier, New Zealand; ‘Celebration’.

2004 Conference presentation: 1st Annual AHRA Conference, The Bartlett, University College London; ‘Critical Architecture’.

2004 Conference presentation: 21st Annual Conference of SAHANZ, Melbourne, Australia; ‘Limits’.

2004 Invited speaker: ‘The 1970s: Designing Futures’ Symposium, The University of Melbourne.

2004 Conference presentation: Congress CATH 2004, Bradford, UK; ‘The Architecture of Philosophy/ The Philosophy of Architecture’.

2003 Conference presentation: 20th Annual Conference of SAHANZ, Sydney, Australia; ‘Progress’.

2002 Conference presentation: 19th Annual Conference of SAHANZ, Brisbane, Australia; ‘Additions’.

2001 Conference presentation: Cultural Studies Association of Australia (CSAA) Annual Conference, Hobart; ‘What’s Left of Theory?’

2001 Conference presentation: 18th Annual Conference of SAHANZ, Darwin, Australia; ‘In the Making’.

2000 Conference presentation: Art Association Annual Conference (AAAC), Brisbane, Australia; ‘21st century Modernism?’

2000 Conference presentation: ‘Habitus’ 2000 Conference, Perth, Australia.

2000 Conference presentation: 17th Annual Conference of SAHANZ, Wellington, New Zealand; ‘Formulation Fabrication’.

1999 Conference presentation: Cultural Studies Association of Australia (CSAA) Annual Conference, Sydney, ‘Synthetics: making and remaking culture’.

Other experience

Architectural Practitioner:

2008 to date Founder and director with Andrew Dawson of the architectural studio, Original Field of Architecture, Oxford. (PT) Refer

1997-2005 Founder and director of the architectural studio HAPPENiNC, Brisbane (PT)

1995-1997 Architect/ Graduate Architect at Richard Lonn Architect RAIA, Brisbane (FT)

1993-1995 Graduate Architect at Buro Wörmann Architekt BDA, Münster, Germany (FT)

1991-1992 Architectural Assistant for Marti Butcher RAIA, Melbourne (PT)

1988-1990 Architectural Assistant for Ashton Raggatt McDougall RAIA, Melbourne (PT)