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Ms Brigitte Picquard

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  • Day D, Grindsted A, Piquard B, Zammit D, Villanueva KHR, Cities and crises, Publicaciones Universidad de Deusto (2009)
    ISBN: 9788498309881

Journal articles

  • Parrack C, Piquard B, Brun C, 'Shelter in Flux'
    Forced Migration Review 55 (June 2017) (2017) pp.7-9
    ISSN: 1460-9819 eISSN: 1460-9819
  • Piquard B, 'From Symbolic Violence to Symbolic Reparation Strengthening Resilience and Reparation in Conflict-Affected Areas through Place-(re)making. Examples of the West Bank and Colombia'
    DEARQ : Journal of Architecture 18 (2016) pp.68-79
    ISSN: 2011-3188 eISSN: 2011-3188
    Abstract Website
  • Piquard B, Swenarton M, 'Learning from architecture and conflict'
    Journal of Architecture 16 (1) (2011) pp.1-13
    ISSN: 1360-2365 eISSN: 1360-2365
    Abstract Website

Book chapters